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  1. Ok, do you know if you can also have the optical drive if you were to do 3x120mm (I know it ships with 2 140mm)? How about if you have the 2x140mm it comes with, and then an extra 120mm? So basically, if the fans are 360mm or 400mm do you know if you can still install an optical drive?
  2. Ok, so I am wondering a couple things. 1. Is it possible to have 3 fans (either 120mm or 140mm) in the front, while having an optical drive? 2. If you have an optical drive, then can you still have up to 3 140mm or 4 120mm fans on the top? 3. Is there enough space on top to have 3 120mm fans and 1 140mm fan? 4. How do fans fit on the bottom? The manual diagram says 1 120mm fan, but later states it can fit 2 140mm/120mm.