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  1. The router I currently have at home is managed by my service provider, I was planning on requesting the SP to configure it for LAN only and buy a new one for me to manage, I am wondering if this is the move to make, they also offered me to buy a wifi booster that they offer and pay it though the month bill but I am reluctant on going through that way as they would prefer to limit my signal in everyone else advantage. It did also come to my attention that they were able to state weather or not many users around me were using a similar frequency is that a feature on most routers? like to state how much interference is sensed on a defined frequency?
  2. Problem description: My Internet provider has provided me with a router with wifi that for most of the day works more or less good covering my small apartment to most of its extension. During the night it seems one of my neighbors is using a wifi extender that produces interference in my wifi to the extent of making me walk to the living room in from of the router to be able to access google? Actions taken: I called my service provider in order to get a solution to my issue but after trying different settings they state that the interference if too high and the best I can get is not enough to have me navigate on google from my bedroom witch is virtually right beside the router separated by a wall no thicker than around 14 cm. Actions needed: I am seeking for help on what should I buy in order to solve the issue, I have a smart tv on my bedroom and I would like to be able to see 4k videos on it via internet/wifi Along with my tv there are 2 more bedrooms each with a smart tv that I would also like to provide a good wifi access, in total we have around 8 live users/connections in between PC/phone/tv Cable extension is not an option so I have to stay with wifi, I am basically asking for a wifi solution with enough strength that I could potentially even think on navigating from it outside of my apartment. I am not sure of where to start, should I bug a new router? or a wifi extender? The router I have works fine, provided that you are close to it but I want something better than fine, 4k by the way only works if you are the only one connected to it so it kind of like struggles given the number of users. About budget, I am kind of like looking for something around at most the price of a TP-Link AC3200 (around $193-$200 usd) if possible something cheaper will be best. My level of understanding: (not much) I am not sure I feel to ok on setting stuff up to much, I am good on LAN networking concepts to the extent of setting a DHCP server or configuring a network QOS deployment along with using and setting up trunks/vlans etc and even some routing and routing protocol understanding though I am reluctant I would need any of that I have never configured a home router before nor I am sure if the router itself is what I need. Wireless lan concepts I am in 0, so I am not sure of what should I look for in terms of wifi coverage, I have read that I should aim for mu-mimo/beamforming tech and that it should be compatible with802.11ac but I am not sure once having the opportunity of how to setup this for taking the best advantage of it. Please consider that if I get a repeater it would be sited right next to the router, the apartment is not that big and I am not interested on having satellites lying around, not to mention that even if I would they would need to be set very close the router anyway. Appreciate your help!