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  1. Fantastic thanks for the reply's! I shall take your advice and go ahead and get the Dell monitor
  2. Ok thanks, so in your opinion the Dell would be your preference? Personally I prefer the styling of the dell so was leaning towards that in terms of asthetics, thought I'd check on here I'm not missing something in terms of picture quality before I purchase one.
  3. I have just recently purchased a new PC as I have a 5 year old system currently running a i7 3960x and a GTX 770. So I have a system with an i7 9700k and 6GB RTX 2060 on it's way. I am now at the point of choosing a new display, I would like the display to have the following details: - 24inch - 2560 x 1440 resolution - 120hz - 165hz refresh rate - 4ms or less response time - 1x Display Port - G sync - £400 (GBP) max price I have whittled it down to AOC AGON AG241QG and Dell S2417DG based on personal research. I know these both have the same panel, but out of the two is there any obvious preference? I have seen the AOC has a harsher anti glare coating than the dell that would SLIGHTLY impair the screens quality. Also is there any other recommendations at a £400 price mark? Thanks.