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  1. LukeyD84

    AOC AGON AG241QG vs Dell S2417DG

    Fantastic thanks for the reply's! I shall take your advice and go ahead and get the Dell monitor
  2. LukeyD84

    AOC AGON AG241QG vs Dell S2417DG

    Ok thanks, so in your opinion the Dell would be your preference? Personally I prefer the styling of the dell so was leaning towards that in terms of asthetics, thought I'd check on here I'm not missing something in terms of picture quality before I purchase one.
  3. LukeyD84

    AOC AGON AG241QG vs Dell S2417DG

    I have just recently purchased a new PC as I have a 5 year old system currently running a i7 3960x and a GTX 770. So I have a system with an i7 9700k and 6GB RTX 2060 on it's way. I am now at the point of choosing a new display, I would like the display to have the following details: - 24inch - 2560 x 1440 resolution - 120hz - 165hz refresh rate - 4ms or less response time - 1x Display Port - G sync - £400 (GBP) max price I have whittled it down to AOC AGON AG241QG and Dell S2417DG based on personal research. I know these both have the same panel, but out of the two is there any obvious preference? I have seen the AOC has a harsher anti glare coating than the dell that would SLIGHTLY impair the screens quality. Also is there any other recommendations at a £400 price mark? Thanks.