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  1. AndersT2

    PC warmed bidet water for toilet

    Why was it moved? It was a Feature suggestion for LTT, not something I'm making myself.
  2. Why isn't there a date when the videoes on Floatplane is released, minuts and hours the first day, then days after that.
  3. Jayztwocent and Barnacules had an ide on their live stream a few years ago that they didnt run with. Since Jerry got himself an hook-on bidet for his toilet, they discussed on using a watercooled PC to heat the water used. I think its two ways to do it, heat exchanger of valves that switches from internal loop to city water. But don't think the last one will be fast enough to heat the water (maybe with pre-Ryzen AMD CPUs and high end Vega GPU) https://www.amazon.com/Toilet-Bidet-Retractable-Nozzles-Attachment/dp/B07D3M35XV/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=3M4FOXT627M7E&keywords=bidet+for+toilet&qid=1552144337&s=gateway&sprefix=Bide%2Caps%2C281&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1
  4. AndersT2

    Pc won't start

    If Clear Cmos doesn't work. You can try updating to the latest BIOS. MSI recommends you update AMDs driver first to it's latest Version. You can also take out so you only have 1 RAM stick in, and switch them to see if one of the are bad.
  5. AndersT2

    Pc won't start

    Is there a error code showing? Might be a problem With Your screen, display cable or something also. But it usually looks like it Works, but not show anything, and Clear cmos fixes it.
  6. AndersT2

    Pc won't start

    New build? Try to Clear CMOS, usually does the trick. And recheck all Connections. Some can look like their in, but actually isn't
  7. AndersT2

    Don't buy Gigabyte products. Never.

    Every manufacturer has Products that break, it just happends. Doesn't mean everything they make is bad, just because Yours had a fault. Just replaced my daily PC which had a Gigabyte motherboard, and after 6 years of daily use, it had been the most reliable hardware I have ever had. Never had a hickup With it. Even had 2 different Gigabyte GPUs too, never had problem. Have had Asus motherboards that have been unstable. But don't hold everything they make as bad for that. I just bought 2 New motherboard from them, With no problems this far. Excange Your GPU With a New, you should get it replaced for free, and if that one has the same fault, then you can complain.
  8. AndersT2

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    What is Windows compability mode? Couldn't find there was made a video on it, and espesially why it don't work (Never really got it to work for what it sounds like)
  9. AndersT2

    CPU decision. 9600k or 9700k...

    Save Your Money, the extra cores don't do much for gaming, and won't in years to come. And since you render video, which 2 extra cores will save time, it's only a few extra minutes saved, and since you mention it is not that often, Don't thing about it. If you have a little time, AMD seems to be right around the corner With Zen 2, aka Ryzen 3000 series, which if the specs are correct looks good. Intel is still better for gaming I would bet, With better 1 core performance, but Ryzen is a really good alternative. I have both Intel 8700K, and AMD 1800X, and both are really good. AMD best for tasks who need many cores, Intel better for games, But it could be useful to know which type of games you normally play. Some do use more cores.
  10. AndersT2

    Audio cards?

    A few years ago the onboard audio was terrible, so add-in Cards made a ton of sense. Today it's much better for a audiophile to get an external USB DAC for better audio. The Onboard audio is become good enough for most uses, and it's only higher end Equipment that needs something more, and that is usually a headphoneamp for extra Power.
  11. AndersT2

    Nvidia did an oopsie

    Edit: I realised I put my original response in the wrong thread, didn't make any sense here
  12. AndersT2

    Nvidia did an oopsie

    EDIT: This was put in the wrong thread, forgot I went into a New one Saw the Power consumtion graf, and since there is no controll over how much the card draws from the PCI-E port, exceptfor up to 75W. There shouldn't be hard to do the same test and include the PCI-E Power to. Wouldn't it be very easy to use one of the PCI-E extention cables, and separate the +12V lines on that one and combine it With the extra Power to measure it? Would even be a quick little video prosject on how it's made and done.
  13. AndersT2

    Upgrade or New build?

    If you want to get a 2070 anyway, test it out first, and see if it Works for you. I bought a 1080Ti, one of the most factory overclocked ones, and put it With my 3770K which wouldn't overclock, and changed it out With a Ryzen 1800X, and it wasn't much of a difference in gaming. My other system I had With a 3820 wasn't working that good anymore, so i used the 1800x there instead, and swithed the gaming CPU out With a 8700K (I couldn't find a motherboard for Intel that satisfyed my needs for that machine, so the Ryzen mobo had what I needed, so I switched Things up). That did some got the FPS up alittle, but noth enough to justify the cost from the 3770K. I think Your 4570K is somewhere around that in Power. It really hasn't happened alot on the CPU front in the last few years. So at least wait to see what Intel brings out Next time. If gaming is priority nr 1, Intel is still the right Choice, everything else is cheaper and just as good With AMD
  14. AndersT2

    GPU Display Port

    If you have one extra use that in stead, or else just test it, if its working it's working, if not, there isn't much you can do. I would be alot of preasure to damage it so it shorts out
  15. AndersT2

    RGB problem with Aorus RTX 2070 Xtreme

    I have a Gigabyte 1080ti, and an Asus motherboard. Haven't had any trouble With the RGB controlling via Aorus Engine before I just a couple of hours ago updated fraom v1.35 to 1.49, where the LED only had solid color, and it somehow took over controlling the Trident RGB ram I have. Had to search alot to find an install for the V.1,35 again to get cycling of the colors to work again. Don't know if that Version will work With the RTX series of Cards. I couldn't find a way for the Asus to take controll of the GPUs LEDs.