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  1. I'll think I wait until the weekend, and try the Grizzly stuff again, have more time then. I tried adjusting the powerplan as someone suggested. Turning it to 99% instead of 100% put the GHz down to 2,77, and not 3,97 when I ran Cinebench, and dropped the score from 4600 (last run I did) to 3200. I switched from the Ryzen powerplan, to high, which from what I can see is changing the low power state of the CPU from 90% with Ryzen plan to 5% with Windows own. It should hold until the weekend I thing, or maybe if I get of work early tomorrow.
  2. I just switched out my 1800X with a 3700X. On an Asus Crosshair VI Extreme (X370). On Cinebench R20, I got 4539 over 3335 with the 1800X But the 1800X only got to 74C while the 3700X got ut to 85C Does it run hotter, or is it most likely that I mounted the Noctua back in wrong? (Which is normally hard to do) (The 14 something that has the fan lying with the motherboard) I have got a new Thermal Grizzly compound I never tried before, but when I tried to use it, it looked way to rubbery, and trying to spread it out with the plastic thing, didn't work. So I used the BeQuiet thermal compound, and aplied it as usual (Rubbing it out with a gloved finger to get an even spread (Don't like the pea method, have tried it, and trust Singuality Computer on the method I used here, worked perfect every time before) EDIT: Forgot Idle temps, it's around 64C now. with room temp at 33C, was about 54 or something with the 1800X. I don't have the best case for thermals.
  3. That shouldn't be a problem with most games, but it depends on the game. I used a 3770K with 1080ti, and wasn't that much of a problem, gained alittle FPS with the 8700K, but not that much
  4. Which game? For most games, CPU shouldn't be using that much, it means that the CPU is bottlenecking, and can't give enough information to the GPU. How much is the GPU using? For me the GPU is normally when gaming (1080ti) using close to 100%, and the CPU around 50% maybe at times (FPS games like Tomb Raider ect). It really depends on the game too, what it uses the most CPU or GPU. What CPU do you have?
  5. SSD is storage, not memory. M.2 is a port type that supports S-ATA and PCIe (NVMe) signals. With newer hardware you can use a NVMe SSD which has faster speeds than the S-ATA (4 to 8 times faster). In game it won't matter that much, because the game uses RAM for resources for the most things, but it will helt with load times (but not in all game)
  6. 3600x have higher base and boost clocks, around 200MHz base, 3,8 vs 3,6 3600 kan easily be overclocket up to the same.
  7. Most likely a program running on the side of gaming. Have used tripple monitors for years, with one for gaming, and never had that problem. Have taskmanager up to see what's running while gaming, and when the framedropps happend, look over to see which other program used resourses at that time. Remember to set the view to what pulls the highest. You can switch between CPU and GPU if your Windows is new enough
  8. That's the straight conversion numbers. Normally USD prices is 10-11 times in Norway, so I'm betting around 2900 USD, alot up from the quessed 2500 price. I have also waited for this since the mentioned in CES 2017, but think I'm saving the money to over summer to see how the prices change (Don't think they will), and seeing how the AOC version gets reviewed. It should be a little cheaper (Guessing 200-500 USD cheaper) EDIT: Comparing it to the last big step release from Asus, the PG27UQ (The 4K 144Hz screen), it seems to hold it's price too good here in Norway, with the odd sale, so I'll be keeping a price notification on these: https://prisguiden.no/produkt/asus-rog-swift-pg27uq-286003
  9. Its 3440X1440 resolution, for me the perfect resoluition and size for a PC monitor, have an AOC like that today. It's 200Hz, Gsync and 1000nits HDR, with individual dimmable zones, (FALD), don't remember the actual number of zones, but either 384 or 512. First monitor that seems to have it all: UItrawide, HDR, 120Hz+, Gsync and curved
  10. Sometimes there isn't a news site source, because they haven't seen it yet, or picked up the leak yet. So one can't break news here on the most sought after monitor in years, that many have been waiting over 2 years for? Sometimes not everything falls within guide lines.
  11. Looks like the Asus PG35VQ is coming in the end of Juni. Has god date 21 and 26 in two of the biggest PC shops in Norway, with the same price. Price should equal to $2900 USD, even if the conversion rate says something else. Normal is 10-11 times the USD price for prices in Norway because of high taxes (25% consumer tax on everything but food.) The Asus is almost 1000,- NOK cheaper than the Acer X35 price released on Proshop a couple of weeks ago. https://www.komplett.no/product/1132633/gaming/gamingskjermer/asus-35-led-curved-pg35vq# https://www.proshop.no/Skjermer/ASUS-35-Skjermer-PG35VQ-Svart-4-ms-NVIDIA-G-SYNC-HDR/2777719?utm_source=tekno&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pricesite
  12. They have had early prices for LG monitors before, which have been accurate for releease price.
  13. I think Linus mentioned last WAN show as his favorite monitor, and it was coming in July (this or the Asus version). I might wait for the AOC version that I heard where releasing in September'ish times. Have their 21:9 today, and two other panels from them at work. never had a problem.
  14. The Norwegian site for the danish computer shop Proshop have released a price for the Acer Predator X35, at 29.490,- NOK, which translates to 3418 USD. Normally the USD price of a item in Norway because of high taxes is roughly 10-times, which should make the X35 be around 2900 USD Release date they say is 1-3 months, which normally for this shop means they don't know when it's releasing, but one can pre-order it now. It's more expensive than I had hoped. Link: https://www.proshop.no/Skjermer/Acer-35-Skjermer-Predator-X35-Svart-4-ms-NVIDIA-G-SYNC-HDR/2775707