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  1. Geraltofrivia

    so i just bought a 144hz monitor and this sh*t happens

    Hey guys ty for the quick response so i tried changing the dp cable but it wasnt the case.I updated my nvidia drivers and lets hope i wont see this thing again.But no i havent tried plugging the onboard graphics ill try it if it comes again.
  2. Hey guys i bought the acer kg271cbmidpx on sale 2 weeks ago and at first everything was perfect then suddenly i saw this blurry line right in the middle of the monitor(see the image).Just when i though the monitor is screwed it dissapeared on its own.One week later it appeared again and it seems like switching the monitor off and on fixed it for now but what rly is the problem is it from the monitor or the video card(im running gtx 1060/windows 8.1) cuz im super pissed i wanted to get a 144hz monitor for years just to see this... P.S. Just wanna mention that the line in the middle of your crosshair is just unplayable.
  3. Geraltofrivia

    help me choose a gaming monitor

    awesome man so i think that will be my go to monitor haha now ill just wait for it to appear in my stores
  4. Geraltofrivia

    help me choose a gaming monitor

    hey again man can i ask you just one more thing how do you feel the monitor on your eyes does it make you tired or is it giving you headaches when you use it a lot
  5. Geraltofrivia

    help me choose a gaming monitor

    tnx man i have only one question is it really a 1ms IPS?
  6. Geraltofrivia

    help me choose a gaming monitor

    hmm tnx bro ill wait for this monitor to see how much it costs then ill decide i may pick the one you suggested
  7. Geraltofrivia

    help me choose a gaming monitor

    144hz is the 1st thing i want.Yeah i do some work but i also want it for gaming.Thats why i was aiming for the 1st two monitors i mentioned i have i5 6500 and gtx 1060 and i dont think i can push alot of frames in 2k
  8. Geraltofrivia

    help me choose a gaming monitor

    yeah that was actually my 3rd option but im not sure about the TN panel cuz my current monitor(super crappy like i mentioned) is TN too,ofc i know not all TN panels are alike but still im not sure about it.
  9. Geraltofrivia

    help me choose a gaming monitor

    Whats up guys so recently i saw that Acer XZ271 is getting a g-sync support and is currently on a sale where i live so what do you guys think about this monitor. The other monitor i liked is the ASUS VG279Q but its not out yet and i have no idea how much it will cost or when it will be even available or if it will even have g-sync support. I would like to get a new monitor as soon as possible cuz my current one is complete garbage and everytime even when im doing some work(since im engineering student i do alot of programming,reading and work with alot of different software) my eyes either fatigue super fast or i just get a horrible headache,so thats why i want my monitor to be flicker free/low blue light and im not usre if i can wait for the ASUS VG279Q.