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  1. I was thinking of getting a new gaming mouse for my set up and was thinking of getting the razer mamba wireless professional (as it is wireless which is my key point in a new mouse) to match with my razer keyboard which was gifted to me.I decided against it after the bad reviews so now i am in thinking of either getting the g502 wireless mouse or the g903 wireless mouse.I can't seem to find this topic anywhere being discussed so I made my own.I'm not sure which one to get as they both look good and the only advantage i see with the g903 wireless mouse is that it is cheaper by £20. I play a variety of games including FPS like csgo/pubg to games like total warhammer 2 and the sims 4 .So if anyone could tell me which of the two is better i would be happy to take your advice or if you have a suggestion for a better wireless gaming mouse in the £80-130 range please go ahead and tell me.
  2. So i just built my new pc will all new parts.Asus maximus x hero VIII z370 board.Intel core i5-9600kKraken x52 240mm aio16gb trident z ramgtx 1080650 w psu1tb ssd and a nzxt h700i case.The problem is that the board lights up but when i press the power switch it doesn't turn on my monitor so its still off? the aio and the ram don't have any light even though everything is connected.I disconnected the nzxt usb 2.0 connector from the board as even when it was connected it still didn't turn the aio cooler on.This is my first build and i'm sure i've connected everything properly so i have no clue why its not turning on.Any help would be appreciated and i'll leave the links with the photos of my pc. If i would need to update bios if that is the problem how would i do that if half of my components don't even turn on so obviously the monitor doesn't display anything aswell.https://imgur.com/a/ejDjoDm https://imgur.com/a/z1Lpnpthttps://imgur.com/a/spfIzybhttps://imgur.com/a/PhW05bC(One thing i forgot to mention is that i need an extra usb 2.0 port as i have 3 usb 2.0 cable and only 2 ports for them,but even with the 3 cables switched up it still doesn't work.)