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  • Birthday 1992-04-20

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    Middle of Manitoba
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    Contruction, electionics, history, science
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    Dropped out of high school 3 times, then went to a adult high school program at college and graduated with honors and 3 awards, then proceeded to get a college diploma in Network Administration Technologies (focusing on everything windows server, and cisco networking CLI) with high grades.

    Now im an overeducated gas station attendant who can run a large scale network, or configure cisco networking devices for just about anything. Ive also worked construction and love to build things, and have a passion for learning.
  • Occupation
    Gas station attendant (they call guest service agents...)


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Msi 970a krait
  • RAM
    2x8 1866mhz ddr3 hyperx
  • GPU
    Rtx 2060
  • Case
    Cooler master HAF XB EVO
  • Storage
    2tb wd blue, 1tb wd green, 500gb samsung 860 evo, 250gb samsung 850 evo
  • PSU
    650w evga supernova
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 evo
  • Keyboard
    Hyperx tenkeyless cherry mx red switches
  • Mouse
    Logitec gaming mouse
  • Sound
    Logitech 7.1 surround
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  1. trolouce

    Fx 8350 bottlenecks the rx 2060

    Haha, that got me too Thanks, and yes its a crappy mobo, it looked good but in use it sucks, i tried overclocking a bit, but even a 4.3 crashes in a cinebench, and ive got a 212 evo cooler keeping it under 50 deg. So overclocking isnt an option lol. But yeah its time for a new cpu when amd's lowest model from last year the 2200g has better performance lol. Waiting out for the new ryzen series to build a new rig.
  2. Just replaced my r9 380 with a new rtx 2060, on my fx 8350 build. I see alot of people still saying the fx 8350 is still pretty good, but even useing the 2060 im having bottleneck issues on division 2, with my cpu at 100%, gpu at 60% and not getting more than 55 frames. i Dug through all the settings and im at high, 1080p, no vsync. The fx8350 definately underperforms in modern gaming.
  3. No, they have too many large programs to reinstall, and i didnt want to loose anything.
  4. Moved my ssd to a new build, installed the drivers, checked the mobo site, has nothing but lan, audio, and video drivers, all of which i have already. Everything seems fine, but the game i play, catan, is suddenly crashing now, is there something i missed?
  5. trolouce

    Rtx game bundle, which game should i get?

    Huh, didnt know newegg was on ebay, who knows, i would try emailing newegg and nvidea about this, if it was purchased close enough to the date they just might hook you up. But personally i wouldnt expect it. Because im pessimistic
  6. trolouce

    Rtx game bundle, which game should i get?

    Its actually really wierd, the reciept shows you pay for the game, then discounts the gpu by the amount you paid.
  7. trolouce

    Rtx game bundle, which game should i get?

    It literally just restarted a couple days ago with metro added to the choices. There was about 3-7 days with no bundle at all. And yeah they email it to you after purchase, the bundle has to show up in your reciept.
  8. trolouce

    Rtx game bundle, which game should i get?

    Yeah ive played all the games people are saying anthem is like, and ill be playing division 2 aswell so if they're similar id prolly drop one. And yeah i like multiplayer but i am more content-motivated, less than a day of solo gameplay would be boring, and exodus sounds really good. Yeah, i feel like after i beat the single player it would pretty much be a tech demo for me, i still have overwatch if i need some multiplayer fps. I think ill get alot more play time out of metro, even if i havent played the first two. Thanks guys, i think ill grab metro then, no point in getting bf5 just to see real-time ray tracing first hand if theres a game ill enjoy more.
  9. I just got a new rtx 2060, it comes with 1 of three games, battlefield V, anthem, or metro exodus. Which game do you think is best? I hear anthem sucks, and ive played destiny 2, warframe, division, and im getting division 2 with my new cpu, so i dont want anthem. But metro exodus has good reviews (however ive never played a metro game) and battlefield v has real-time ray tracing wich would be nice to check out since i bought an rtx card, and i havent gotten a fps for a while. What do you think? Is metro so awesome i should pick it, even though ive got no experience with the first two games, or is battlefield v good enouph to pick? As i have heard alot of bad stuff about it.
  10. trolouce

    Is 8gb ram still good enough?

    Lmao omg does it really? Hahahahaha.
  11. Doing a couple builds for my parents and i was thinking 8gb ram should still be enough right? Useing dual 4gb sticks for dual-channel. The one pc plays sims 4, and board games, surfs facebook and youtube, and streams netflix and amazon, not exactly a power user, while the other plays movies and streams to the tv, or plays card games and browses facebook and youtube. (Both pcs occasionally used for minecraft when the grandkids are visiting). As sim4 is the heaviest load it will have 8gb should still be lots right?
  12. trolouce

    Gtx 1660 ti or rtx 2060 or rx 580?

    1070s are around 600+cnd, and im not buying ebay, so thats not an option.
  13. trolouce

    Gtx 1660 ti or rtx 2060 or rx 580?

    Currently yes, but i want to jump to 1440p on my build. Later in the year
  14. Looking at upgrading my gpu, but im also working on another build(for someone else), so cant spend all my money on a gpu, im upgradeing from an r9 380 and am thinking about the 1660 ti, but i dont want something 1 fan as it will most likely get loud, and look odd in the case, so a decent 2 fan card, so about 400 cnd for a 1660, 500cnd for a 2060, or 300cnd for a 580 which apparently went down. when you keep in mind the price difference is a set of ram or a case i feel the 1660 is worth it over the 580, but im unsure about the non-rtx performance of the 2060 vs the 1660 being worth the price difference. As its a smaller performance jump, and i wont be useing the extra features. On the side though, the rx 580 comes with 2 games, 2060 comes with 1, and 1660 comes with none.
  15. trolouce

    RTX 2060 vs GTX 1660Ti

    Lol, im having this same problem, im doing new builds and upgradeing my gpu, its either a cheap 2 fan 1660ti or the cheap 2 fan 2060, and from reviews and videos, it seems the 2 fan zotac 2060 runs hot, while a 2 fan 1660ti runs cooler at a higher clock. But is the price difference of a power supply worth the performance upgrade if im never useing real-time ray-tracing?