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  1. Yeah I’ve been trying to run everything at ultra presets. Sli works great in fc new dawn! I will uninstall the driver and try again. Would a bios update work? Asus has some new ones out
  2. I have tried playing far cry new dawn with a single card and I only get FPS in the 40s at 3840x2160. What would be the reason? I’ve seen other game 4K with FPS in the upper 70s?
  3. I threw it in because for some reason far cry new dawn bench mark will dip to 58 FPS. I have FPS ocd and I was hoping that my frames would be a steady 144 since my refresh rate is 144hz.
  4. I use smaa. I game at 1440p and my monitor is an ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ.
  5. I have 2 rtx 2080ti cards in sli. When I play far cry, I have issues where the background will flicker. It flickers quit a bit when the sun is shining through trees. I updated to Nvidia driver 419.35 Intel Core i9 9900k cpu Gskill ddr4 dram memory 16gb 3600 MHz Asus Maximus formula xi motherboard Nvidia rtx 2080ti graphics cards nvlink sli Western digital m.2 1 tb solid state drive Western digital 2 tb hdd hard drive Samsung 840 evo 240g solid state drive Asus dvd/cd burner and blue ray drive Universal media reader Seasonic 1000 watt 80 plus platinum power supply
  6. My new pc build will boot up fine when pushing the power button and load windows quickly, however when I hit restart it takes forever to load windows. It will post with Asus Rog and then it takes about 5-10 minutes to load windows 10. I get the code hdd detect error A2 or 55 and then it will load windows several minutes later. It works fine if I do a shut down and power back on though.I have tested the memory with memtest, removed cpu to check for bent pins and flashed the uefi to the latest version and have ran diagnostics on several hardware componets but this still happens. Is there anything I need to configure in the bios/uefi? My specsWindows 10 proCore i9 9900kGskill dddr4 3600 dram 8x2 xmp enabledAsus Maximus z390 formulaWestern digital black nvme 1tb (windows os drive)Rtx 2080ti Seasonic 80 plus platinum 1000 watt psu Asus optical driveMedia reader with USB cCustom water loop3 hdd hard drives 1 Sata ssd 840 evo