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  1. I'll try to revive it until I give up. Until then, I just bought a new ssd from a local shop and it's all working good, with no problems. I know, at least, that it's not from the sata cable
  2. It's a kingston ssd, and it isn't visibile anywhere. I didn't try different ports but I heard that it's dead so I'm trying to revive it
  3. So after quite some time of research, I found out that my ssd is dead, I can't boot and restoring it might be a good decision money wise. Suggestions?
  4. Nothing so far. It still doesn't appear
  5. I thought about it, but the cables are quite cramped. I'll try in a few and update
  6. For a few weeks I didn't get to use my pc. After that time, when I used it, some green screen of death (I know, sounds weird) appeared onto my screen, crashing my pc. It was some builder inside or something that crashed. Thishappened almost every time I powered up and used my pc. Now, my ssd doesn't show up neither in bios nor diskpart list disk and in the reinstalling windows drivers doesn't show up either. I don't know what to do.
  7. Update: my pc restarted after a few minutes, no reason. Should I remove them?
  8. I just put my ram in, it shows up and set my profile to X.M.P. So far so good I think I'll come with updates if something else happens, or I'll just remove them.
  9. So, I have 2 sets of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000Mhz CL15. Currently I put in just 1 set of them (2 x 8Gb) and I'd like to put in the 2 others (2 x 8Gb), but I don't know if it will work. I've seen somewhere that they can't be placed in sets of 4, just in sets of 2, so I don't know what to do now. They're the same ones and I had them once like that, but I had some problems with my pc and got stuck in the process of thought.
  10. So, first of all, I'm sorry I didn't updated you guys with my pc's situation. I tried to fix those BSODs but it gotten even worse, up to the point where the system would just freeze or restart after a few minutes. Secondly, for some reason my motherboard "was heating up" up to 120 degrees celsius, so I thought that I should just replace it with another one. My old MB was not recommended for gaming, and my new one is. Continuing with this idea, the new MB arrived, put it in and... Voila! It works! No BSODs, no restarts, nothing! I now know for a fact that a normal MB is not recommended for a "gaming" pc. Thanks a lot for helping me, even though I was the dumb one here.
  11. Hello guys, For the last 2 years I had a problem with my windows: I get a lot of BSODs and I can't fix them for some reason. I installed the same version of windows from the same stick on a laptop and there are no problems, whereas on my pc I reinstalled it for 5 or more times, deleting everything I had and the problem persisted. Sidenote: I'd like to show my code errors but I don't have acces to my pc for the time being, but I had problems like: bad_pool_header and other like this one. Thanks in advance.