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  1. Radeon VII is performing like a charm, has an excellent performance, my friend has a 2080 and it beats it I some games, though temps are a case for this card though, I have undervalued mine to 1.08 (stock was about 1.138 V) to run at 1930MHz with a 1175MHz on Ram, I did a small adjustment on the fan curve to make it run at higher rpm's on temps over 50 degrees, it is working like a charm. I have not tried going above 1930 or 1175 in both cases as it is getting the job done for me. I am waiting for the water block from EK or Alphacool to come out to completely remove the fan noise and push it a little bit higher as it would run lot cooler with custom water looping. I did have some reservation while buying this card but I am happy I bought it. My seller has told me that running this card on a an AMD chipset makes this card perform better(strange).. Waiting for the water block and then will try and see how it performs on an all AMD system. Do let me know how yours perform after all the tweaking. Rgds Sajeev
  2. Tks guys, all problems solved just by pointing a fan towards the VRM's. Temps now pretty neat, Ran Aida64, Prime 95 for over an hour and and OCCT for over 4 hours and found out that temps were extremely stable on both VRM's (40-45) and CPU Core (65-75). So happy now, couldn't have done it without your support and advises. Tks again a ton. You guys rock.. Getting a Thermaltake View 71 case for this build, and yes I am going to swipe the Graphic card for 2 2080Ti's FE on Custom water loop from my threadripper 2950X build which I have running on stock. I'll put my Radeon VII in threadripper build. Some pics from my last build attached here. @tarfeef101 @Zando Bob @GMart84 @alatron978 @Falkentyne Rgds Sajeev
  3. I am using Manual voltage for CPU Settings, the only thing that is on auto for overclocking is the max cpu capacity (I wanted it to set to 140% but then thought setting it on auto would be ok). My CPU Core/Cache voltage had to be set to 1.29 again as 1.255-1.285 the games were just crashing all the time (Battlefield V, Assassins Creed Origin, Rise of Tomb Raider, GTA V). At 1.29 they seem to work without crashing(Includes BOSD upon launch). Rgds Sajeev
  4. Tks Man, Appreciate your quick response. & Big thanks to you.. Rgds Sajeev
  5. @GMart84 @tarfeef101 @Zando Bob @Falkentyne @alatron978 guys sorry to bother you guys, just want to understand one thing, The VRM on my MoBo get's really hot and its actually impossible to touch, you can actually feel the heat... any suggestions on this.. PS: currently my MoBo is still not inside a case but on an open bench without any direct airflow towards the VRM. Also I have changed my CPU Core/Cache voltage to 1.255 and it's really stable.. Tks & Regards Sajeev
  6. Ohhh.....no wonder it was crashing. Tks Rgds
  7. I guess different ram's have different power requirements: CPU System Agent: This is important because it handles the IO between the CPU and other domains. For overclocking, this can help stabilize higher memory frequencies. I want to point out since I am on AUTO, the UEFI is showing a much higher number than what should usually be the healthy range. If possible, do not go outside of 1.35V as a maximum. I must adjust mine accordingly for memory stability. In Windows 10, AI Suite 3 reports 1.12V for System Agent (AUTO) and is fully stable for my 3600MHz kit. This may be a bug with the first BIOS release.Setting Voltage in increments is always a good idea when overclocking, the values I used are what worked for me, and are just a starting or reference point for others. Overclocking and voltage will vary from system to system so any values I suggest are just to help others try to achieve their overclocking goals and are not 100% guaranteed.• DDR4 frequency range: DDR4-2133 - DDR4-2800 Required CPU VCCIO Voltage range: 1.05V - 1.15V Required CPU System Agent Voltage range: 1.05V - 1.15V• DDR4 frequency range: DDR4-2800 - DDR4-3600 Required CPU VCCIO Voltage range: 1.10V - 1.25V Required CPU System Agent Voltage range: 1.10V - 1.30V• DDR4 frequency range: DDR4-3600 - DDR4-4266 Required CPU VCCIO Voltage range: 1.15V - 1.30V Required CPU System Agent Voltage range: 1.20V - 1.35V Source of the above info: https://www.overclock.net/forum/18088-hardware-reviews-program/1711158-9900k-z390-soldered-overclocking.html Since mine is a 3600 MHz, the system has automatically given it a value of 1.25, no matter what I do it just doesn't change. Best regards Sajeev
  8. Guys Finally Finally Finally I got Realbench running too and finish successfully with the report saying EVERYTHING IS OK (though it shows failed to parse the results).Actually the only thing that I changed was Max CPU capability to Auto from 140% that I was running previously and didn't disable the Intel Speed Shift Technology (and yes I have not changed my CPU Core/Cache Voltage, it is still 1.29 with an AVX offset of 2, Ram voltage is 1.35 set by Auto), both VCCIO and VCCSA are at 1.2500 V (by default), that's it everything as of now running fine. Passed R20 Cinebench and intel Burn Test. I am going to run OCCT stress test for about good 7-8 hours to check if the system is stable, any temperature issue, etc etc.. If everything is fine I will post all my settings here for you guys. @GMart84 @tarfeef101 @Zando Bob @Falkentyne Once again I would like to thank each one of you who helped me with this issue . Tks Guys, Tks a Ton Best Rgds Sajeev
  9. Let me give it a try.. currently running memtest86 to check if the ram has some issues.. will get back asap. Tks a ton man for helping me. Really appreciate it. Rgds Sajeev
  10. Everything works but for Asus Realbench.... Rgds Sajeev
  11. Nope, none of the OC features are activated... Tks for helping me out man.. really appreciate it. Rgds Sajeev
  12. Not working for me, for some weird reason both VCCIO and VCCSA keep going back to 1.2500 V after bios restarts.. Have no clue what could be the issue.. Any idea? Oh yes I was saving them before exiting the bios, also tried creating a profile... Rgds Sajeev
  13. To reply to your few concerns, BSOD in R20 appears when it runs for about a few seconds 3-4, how ever I solved it by setting the AVX offset value to 2 and it works just fine now, however the only thing I am not sure about is why does the Asus Realbench keep on crashing, no idea, as per @GMart84 above it has something to with VCCIO and VCCSA. In my case my bios shows VCCIO voltage to be higher than that of VCCSA.. strange. Tried reducing the values but still of no use, just want this thing to run smooth... It actually crashes when it starts H.264 Video Editing test, OpenCl and Heavy Multimedia.., Stress test too desn't work and crashes within 5 seconds.. just a little frustrated now..:(( Best Regards Sajeev
  14. Can you please tell me what VCCSA value are you using? I got most of the tests stable except for the Asus Realbench which kept on crashing. Would be greatful to you if you could share your VCCSA and VCCIO values. Rgds Sajeev