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  1. Hello, Im a big newbie to steam and was wondering about the steam market restriction. Steam says that to acces the market and send friend requests I have to have a purchase, I want to know if buying an item with a gift card can help remove that restriction. Like if I can ask my friend to give me a gift card and I buy stuff with it using my account, will it count as a valid steam purchase and help me access community market, send friend requests and all. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  2. Psynapse_231

    Can I use earphones as a mic on PC?

    Yea this is a little too late for me to answer and you probably have bought a new headset by now but I will give a solution for someone else coming here, be sure to upvote this please.If you dont want to buy an adapter shown in above replies, then give this a shot: First, this solution DOESN'T require a earphone WITH MIC. You can just plug your earphones in the red 3.5mm jack and configure it as mic, right click the speaker icon>Sound>Recording>Click Microphone>Properties>Listen>Check Listen to this device>Apply. Then go back on Recording>Configure>Set up microphone and follow instructions.(Don't know if this is really needed but I did do it so.) Now you can just speak into one of your earbuds and they will act as mics(Even Stereo if you use both in position!) The only backside here is you have to take the earbud very close to your mouth, so it is a little annoying...