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  1. so pretty much ive noticed my computer will have a lot of cpu load because multiple instances of programs will be open, for example anyone have any suggestions or even know how to solve my issue. its really driving me insane. i constantly hasve to make sure im running very minimal tasks or ill just be over loading and pretty much be lagging to insanity. https://gyazo.com/2b0bee331b27273d4ba989b343499d10
  2. Evil croatian

    would like to learn

    awesome thanks for the imput, i will be starting with python. and i wasn't planing on making anything useful like you stated. just wanted to see were this interest will take me. im still pretty young so a career change could happen after i complete my plumbing apprenticeship and have more freedom.
  3. Evil croatian

    would like to learn

    awesome thank you guys so much for responding to my thread, so far from people telling me in irl and on this forum i will probably be starting with python. again thanks for everyone that responded with input.
  4. Evil croatian

    would like to learn

    so i little a bout myself.. im an apprentice plumber who spends all my free time with my computer playing games, but im starting to get bored of playing games and would love to learn something new. me being from the trades i love learning things work and ive always had this interest. some guidance would be greatly appreciated.