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  1. sadly its something that someone would show him if he asked for the cheapest component so no sense but his budget is 100-140
  2. his gpu is a gtx 1050 that runs off of on board power His only using it for gaming ive already asked this and ik about vrms this is why ive suggested 2 other mother boards that he can choose and told him there better then the first one i showed him, but i know he normally goes for the most cheapest component as he just wanted to get ryzen 7 2700x and cheap out on everything else, so he has options i have pointed him in the right direction now its up to what he buys. long before anyone suggested any of the vrm intake ive already calculated that, for what games he plays either will work but and thats a big but im not going to buy the components so he could go for the cheapest so i wanted him to get something that will atleast work if he does as u never know with people.
  3. i gave him three picks of mother boards so its up to him what he gets just making sure memory express will do it for free when you buy it if u ask, i also know how to update one myself so true. His using a 450 watt power supply from thermaltake, or by power are you talking about ghz?
  4. Because he doesnt wanna pay out the ass for a mother board, believe me if it was my choice i would have went for better; after all its not my computer and im working off his budget.
  5. I know this, its for a client that doesn't want any over clock, just kinda new to ryzen 7 and he had a B350 TOMAHAWK which doesnt have the bios update for ryzen 7
  6. Just wondering, I have a ryzen 7 2700x and the PRIME A320M-K, would this work with the right bios update?
  7. Thank you all for trying to help, my recovery drive wasnt working so i took out the old hard drive and out in a new one and it started to work so i factory restored that and downloaded windows
  8. Hello ive been stuck in this annoying boot loop because i changed 4 cores to 2 cores in msconfig, i cant use a recovery drive, i cant use anything other then command promoted, please help, i dont know what to do. Oh also it says on the blue screen Bad System Config. So far ive reset my uefi/bios ive made a recoverable usb drive and nothing is working litrally spent all day trying different things.