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  1. David_Kwan

    First Build-Tips

  2. David_Kwan

    First Build-Tips

    I think I'll just leave it overnight. Don't want to do anything to damage my new build. Hopefully it's just downloading some updates.
  3. David_Kwan

    First Build-Tips

    Yeah... do you know of any situation where it would take this long to restart?
  4. David_Kwan

    First Build-Tips

    Thanks, but does it usually take more than half an hour for it to restart? I'm about to get off work soon and I don't like the idea of leaving it on through the night.. I'll take proper pics of it later and post it in the new builds. I actually thought it'd be more difficult to be honest, I'm just glad it posted the first time! lol
  5. David_Kwan

    First Build-Tips

    Update: Everything works fine! Now I just need to do some updates! But does it always take so long to update....? @Xcoool @Jurrunio @CodeNova It's been 20 minutes now and it still hasn't restarted yet..
  6. David_Kwan

    First Build-Tips

    Ok so I got my pc together. I wanted to test if my parts are working or not so I tested the system with cpu, ram and fans installed. I plugged in my monitor but I don't get any signal. The motherboard led lights up and the cpu cooler and system fans work. Should I have something pop up on my monitor with only those components installed? Thanks in advance!
  7. David_Kwan

    First Build-Tips

    Ok, guess I'll leave it up to windows then if there won't be a problem. So the rest I'd need is logitech, coolermaster, Nvidia drivers.(Forgot to include my gpu in the pic but it's a gigabyte rtx 2060 gaming oc) @XcooolYeah I wasn't thinking of overclocking the cpu at first but now I feel like ocing it.... But the shipping and tax is so high I don't think I'll get anything from Amazon now. Maybe 3 years down the line when I feel like upgrading. I'll check my local stores to see if they have anything decent. Yeah I'll need to find some time off work to do that. I left it in the office because I want to use the data there to download everything I need. (Ryzen 2600 came with a gift code for The Division 2) Thanks, I kept rethinking what parts to get but I'm pretty happy with what I got. I will definitely post a pic up after it's done.
  8. David_Kwan

    First Build-Tips

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place to post this but, what drivers do I need for a new PC? The image I attached are the parts I got. Thanks in adavance!
  9. Lol no need. This thermaltake psu is the one my work pc is using. The build I'm doing with the rtx 2060 is my first and personal build. I'm using a coolermaster 750w 80+gold psu for that.
  10. I'm not entirely sure how to tell which tier my work pc's psu falls under. It's a chinese brand. Thermaltake DPS-450p. Either way I don't want to risk anything so I'll just wait for all my parts to arrive before testing it.
  11. Oh right.... forgot about the psu... It's only a 450w psu from thermaltake. Guess I'll have to wait for all the parts to get here then.. But thanks anyway!
  12. Hi guys, Quick question here. Is the gigabyte rtx 2060 gaming oc compatible with the Asus B150M-K motherboard? The reason is my gpu arrived earlier than the rest of the parts and the other essentials i.e. case, psu, motherboard etc. It won't be here until next week. So I want to see if I can test the gpu first on my work pc. Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks. I'll probably get the corsair vengeance LPX as it is the cheaper one. Another question, if the ram is rated at 3200 that means it cannot go over that speed correct? And ram usually doesn't run at those speeds out of the box right?
  14. mhm, I'll just go with my initial choice of cpu and motherboard. I plan to use this pc for at least 3 years, and really hoping that prices go down a lot more in the next 3-4 years time.
  15. Alright, at least 3200 speeds for the ram. Another thing making me hesitate is the 3rd gen ryzen cpus... but then again I'll probably use this pc for 3+ years and by then there'll be far better pc components to pick from for an upgrade