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  1. Yeah, I'm just gonna get a UPS instead. But I will see if I can turn it on after I shut it down later.
  2. Well I actually connected a power board to the surge protector, and plugged my pc into the power board. But can there actually be some fault to the surge protector I was using?
  3. @Streetguru @WWicket Ok I have no idea what fixed the problem but I tried a bunch of things and now I can use my PC. I don't even know if I just needed to wait like previous times. But the noticeable change is that I used a different power board to connect my system to. I have no idea what the real issue is with my PC but I am hoping that this doesn't continue. And my cpu clock and memory has been reset to default. Should I overclock them both again or should I try everything on stock settings throughout the week?
  4. I've tried that too but still wouldn't start up. Had to wait before it could turn on again. I also have issues with putting the PC to sleep. Same thing happens, it won't turn on again unless I wait it out.
  5. Hmm, I hope someone here has some idea why this happens. Yeah, I thought a surge protector would suffice but I may as well get a UPS to be safer.
  6. Ok, I'll need to check this then. Also is it normal for a system to be unable to turn on immediately after it shut down? Because my build has been like that since the start. I could only turn it on after 1-2 hours.
  7. I will try this psu jump start test tomorrow. If the PSU fan spins then it's fine right? Man I hope nothing went wrong with my PC..
  8. How should I proceed when normally none of my fans spin when the PSU is switched on? Mine's only spin after I press the power switch on the case.
  9. So I built this system back in March this year (first build), and two days ago there was a sudden power cut. My sister was using it for an assignment she had to do so the PC was on when the power cut happened. Now 2 days later the PC still doesn't boot up. I have my pc connected to a surge protector so I am hoping nothing got fried, also this isn't the first time there's been a power cut. I've tried swapping the ram, doing the clear cmos with the 2 pins on the mobo, taking out the battery and putting it back in. I even took apart the whole system (excluding cpu and cooler) and put it back but still nothing ... When I switch the PSU on the mobo LEDs light up for a split second like always but it doesn't start up. I don't have any spare parts to test the components individually so I was hoping someone here has any idea as to what is wrong with my PC. My list of parts are in my signature. Edit: Also I'm not sure if this is normal but usually when I turn off the PC, I cannot turn it back on immediately after. I need to wait 1-2 hours before I can turn it back on. Is this normal? Or should I have taken this as a sign that there was already something wrong with my build? Thanks in advance!
  10. Will do. But if it does run without problems that means I have to leave out overclocking my cpu then... And I bought the CM 212 black edition to get cooler temps on an overclock too.
  11. No, I just didn't use it for 2 days. It did say the cmos was cleared or something. But so far 2 days in and it's working. Though this morning there was a blue screen of death. But it restarted and is working now. I really don't know what's happening though.
  12. Guess I'll save the money then. Coz I honestly can't think of anything I need.
  13. True as I don't need anything right now. But things are cheaper there so I was wondering if there was something I can get.
  14. Hi guys, So I gave $100(USD) to my sisters friend who went back to Australia for a bit. Her friend will be back in about a month. I was wondering what interesting things I can get with that amount. Any smart tech, accessory for my PC, accessory for my Note 9 or anything at all please give me some suggestions! I gave her some money to buy something over at Australia because there's nothing much to buy here and it's ridiculously expensive. So any ideas? Thanks in advance!