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  1. Sryznar1

    Corrupt HDD - Win 10 won't boot

    Yeah, I will give that a try, thanks for the help! Won't be able to test until tonight, but I think that may do the trick. When in doubt, revert back and do it the right way haha
  2. Sryznar1

    Corrupt HDD - Win 10 won't boot

    Yeah I tried to go back to the original setup, and that is when I got the corrupt C drive error. Sorry I should have said that. Originally I had an Intel Optane 16gb in the m.2 spot. So I was upgrading to m.2 SSD originally. I did not disable it in the application before taking it out. But I did disable it in the BIOS - but maybe I need to put it back in, enable it in the bios and then try to boot?
  3. SO long story short - I installed a M.2 SSD and my mobo wouldnt read any drive. Research showed they were fighting for the same data sata port. So I moved my HDD to another port...which may have corrupted my HDD Because when I booted up, windows wouldn't launch....Went to restore...says C drive is corrupt. Ran the windows repair on HDD that is asks to do...says its good but then still wont launch. Any idea what I can do? It reads my HDD and everything, just wont boot too it. ( I have my windows install disc, but i cant boot to it with the m.2 ssd since it has to be formatted first lol)
  4. I found the easiest way is to boot to the HDD - clone it to the m.2 and then boot to the m.2 If you have a disc you could boot to the disc and install it just like any hard drive though
  5. I have a MSI B360M Motherboard. I recently got a new SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2 2280 250GB PCIe Gen3. X4, NVMe I took out the 16gb Intel Optane stick that was in the m.2 slot and installed the 970. I booted up the machine and it is not reading my new SSD or my HDD that has windows and all that on it. So I can't boot up to clone the drive. I have read some people say it disables SATA 5 and 6 - but to check your mobo manual (which I don't have) - and can't seem to find anything. I am almost positive my 5/6 is being utilized by the HDD SATA. But won't be able to check until tomorrow But I wanted to get some thoughts or things to try when I get home tomorrow - thanks for any help you can provide!