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  1. Laugh lockwood

    School / Gaming Laptop

    Preferably under 4 kgs, im not sure about the norm for laptop weight. And sorry, thought I’d give the price in USD to avoid confusion as I presumed the majority of users to be American. Around 2500$ AUD budget
  2. Laugh lockwood

    School / Gaming Laptop

    I was considering the blade, but it seems a lot of people have struggles with it?
  3. Laugh lockwood

    School / Gaming Laptop

    Sorry for the late reply, about ~2200 USD, I can push higher if need be but around there with maybe a cap at 2500 USD a cap at 2500 USD for the budget, I live in Australia, as I said before a slim model, with less weight to it and a long battery life that could last me perhaps 6-8 hours doing school related activities. I play warframe, Call of duty black ops 4, PUBG and really just anything that tickles me fancy.
  4. Laugh lockwood

    School / Gaming Laptop

    So essentially I’ll be finishing my school studies and entering college, so I was looking to purchase a laptop that I can use both for gaming and for school, predominantly the latter. In terms of priorities, a long battery life and a design that doesn’t scream that I’m a gamer, something more sleek and professional preferably. i was considering the razer blade 15, with a Dbrand cover to hide the logo but found it to be heavily criticised, so I am currently at an impasse. my budgets fairly flexible, albeit the cheaper the more preferable. And if anyone able to help me I’d be greatly appreciative.