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    LG Monitor / Any Other Monitor

    Hello All I am looking for a new monitor, and have kinda a strange requirement. I have been looking at the LG Ultrawide monitors, as I saw a video that would let you take 2 inputs and then display them on the monitor at the same time... After doing some research today, I found this is called lg dual controller, but it looks like it will only work when you install software on both PC's. My issue is one display will be from a PC, and the other, from my Nintendo Switch, so the switch I can't install the software, thus I am not sure if it will work as expected, or if the software is just so you can use the same mouse on both systems, and move files around. Which I don't need. So what I would like to ask is A) would this LG system work with the 2nd device been a switch B) if not, does anyone know any other ultrawide units that can display 2 inputs at the same time, side by side. Thank you.