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  1. yeah sry totaly new here and i dont use forums normaly, so yeah your answer was the solution. ^^´
  2. Hi, i have a new build and my pc doesnt recognize any kind of usb devices, doesnt matter if i use the motherboard usb`s or the case. This problem doesnt occur always only sometimes, another thing is if the device is already pluged in douring the boot it will find it. A Restart solves this problem most of the time. Oh and the devices get always power. I am greatfull for any ideas on how to solve this. thanyk you in advance.
  3. okey i just checked this was it, thanks. how do i close the thread?
  4. oh okey that might be it i will check, but what exactly do you mean with some other settings
  5. Sry for not being clear enough, i have the newest bios update on it and after the second start i can get into windows. The system recognizes both 8gb ram sticks.
  6. Well basicly the title explains my problem. I recently build a a new pc for the first time and am not neven sure if this is a problem. Anyways my Pc starts up when i click on the on switch, the fans go on but after like a second everything goes off and after 2 seconds it restarts normaly. Like i said i am not even sure if that is unusual, i was only using laptops for the last 12 years, sooo thanks for any kind of advice. My specs are: ryzen 2600, asus b-350 gaming plus, 16 gb ddr4 3000, 500watt be quiet, 1060 6gb, a wifi pci card, a 500gb ssd and a 500gb hhd