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    RBW lighting?

    So I was looking for some water cooling parts and I kept stumbling across this brand called bykski. On almost all bykski products they have an option for no lighting, rgb lighting, and rbw lighting. Does anyone know what rbw lighting is?
  2. I have heard that anticorrosives goop up in the lines.
  3. So I got a reply on the fittings page by someone who used a copper loop and he said it worked fine. For the person who asked for the link to the reservoir here it is. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/c7NvP9oM i know it’s cheap but I’m on a budget. Thank you all for helping me out!
  4. Ok I will probably switch reservoirs. The fittings I picked out have brass and steel in them. Do you know if that will corrode?
  5. So I am planning on making a custom water cooling loop. So I have most all of my parts picked out and they are all copper except for the reservoir. The ends of the reservoir are aluminum alloy. Is there any way I can prevent corrosion or do I need to pick a different reservoir?
  6. So I am planning to put in a water cooling system on my pc. I want to get a sc600 punp and connect it directly to the reservoir through the top hole. But if I do this then there is still an extra port left on the pump that I do not know what to do with. Please let me know how it works to connect an sc600 pump directly to a reservoir.