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  1. Well The problem is happening even with no SATA ports connected, I tried different PSU cables. The PSU is 2 weeks old and was working fine in previous build. (gtx 970 I54660 etc) It should be able to handle almost everything and it happens when only that HDD is plugged in and the other HDD and SSD are left without power. So there is something going on between that particular HDD and my Motherboard/Graphics card. No boot or bios to check what's going on tho.
  2. Hi, So today i got my new pc: ryzen 2600x b450 tomahawk 300mhz vengeance 2700 rtx corsair 750rx Now Everything was working fine on old PC, I installed everything SSD first to make sure it works. Installed windows etc now when i try to put in my old HDD's (1 Tb and 1 3TB) the 1tb works fine. Now when i plug in the power to my newest HDD the 3TB one, the motherboards makes beeping sounds (long beeps then 2 short beeps repeated), the LED for VGA is red. Is there something that this HDD is doing to my new gpu preventing it from booting when it get's power. The HDD is a WD 3TB green. Not sure what could be the problem here. The sata cable is not even plugged in so i'm at loss at to why my very old 1tb works and the newer one isn't (wich ofc has all my backups on it) Any ideas?