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  1. Rhaladay

    4K at over 120hz

    Is this something that can be done in terms of a computers power, but cant be done because monitors just haven't caught up yet? I'm looking for the best visual experience which I assume would just naturally go hand and hand with having the best specs with cpu/gpu. Is there a sweet spot with 4k? because I am ready to try and push boundaries
  2. Rhaladay

    4K at over 120hz

    Good evening! I'm looking to building an incredible pc and wanna hit over 120hz at 4k (if that's possible). I'm somewhat new to building pcs and want to know what either a bare minimum requirements would look like for a pc to handle this and what sitting comfortably would look like. I'm assuming an Intel I9 9900k would be needed and a RTX 2080 Ti, maybe even two? Where my lack of knowledge starts is which motherboards I should be looking at. I'm assuming I need a rather large case to hold everything and would like to stay away from liquid cooled if possible (unless someone can recommend and easy guide on how to do it). I would love to upload pictures as I start to build this future beast, but just need a little guidance on things I should look out for or specific things I need to buy. Thank you all for the help and I cant wait to completely empty my bank account to just make things look a little more pretty!