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  1. RandomName 69

    HELP!!! MY 3700X IS WIERD

    the moment I start any heavy load, it crashes. Cinebench r15 single thread runs fine tho
  2. So Im currently struggling with this new built pc. 3700x, x570 master mobo, ripjaw v 3200 c16 Everything works fine at stock as far as I can tell but when I try to put a manual oc of 4.3ghz, it cant seem to do it. Even at 1.4v, it would restart 2 secs into cinebench. According to what ive collected online so far. 4.3 should be ez to reach for 3700x and 1.4 is really high for it. Could my cpu or mobo faulty? I have a couple days left to return it.
  3. RandomName 69

    9700k oc

    I just want the best I can squeeze out of it considering how expensive it is .
  4. RandomName 69

    9700k oc

    5.0 avx with 3 offset. its 5.0 avx with offset of 3. i tried realbench, it stays in 70s with 77 max. Thanks for reply There are 2 vcore reading in my hwinfo, one 1.38 and the other 1.342 with load
  5. RandomName 69

    9700k oc

    Hello people, So I ve been playing with my 9700k. I think I lost the lottery again. It seems to struggle to stay stable at 5ghz. I read here and there on the internet where people report to have it stable pretty easy at around 1.3v. Mine actually needs 1.35v Turbo LLC to stay stable which produce a hell lot of heat, 101c cooled with a kraken x62 under p95 with avx offset = 3. I tried disabling C states, max out power limits and even exchange for a better mobo (originally got Aorus Z390 Elite, then exchange for Aorus Ultra). Im seriously considering return it or exchange for 9900k since i got it from local microcenter. So guys, is it that bad? Should I try to get rid of it?