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  1. My GPU was broken, after changing it to 960, the problem was fixed.
  2. I installed win 7, checked with 4 different versions of drivers, in all of them, exactly after I install the driver and restart the PC, in like 2 minutes after windows load, the screen goes black and the GPU fan stops working. If I do not install the driver, GPU fans works for hours, but the problem only happens when I install any driver. Should I be 100 percent sure that the GPU is broken now?
  3. Wow, how could you really! But as I see, you have resources to actually test and make sure that everything is fine. I even don't know how to check. Like I do not have spare GPU to make sure that the problem is even from that. Or do not have a setup that I would be sure everything is working to test the GPU alone. But you are right, if it comes to buying another GPU, I will pick an option that is cheaper...
  4. I am downloading Windsows7 as the guy told me he has no problem on windows7 and installed windows 10 just when he wanted to sell the PC. The problem is that the guy was very reasonable and even I turned on the PC there, played a game, and everything was fine. The problem comes randomly after like 10 minutes or one hour.
  5. I want to make sure that the GPU has a problem. What happens if I buy another GPU and the problem continues... And I will not but used hardware anymore. It was my first and last time!
  6. Unfortunately, I do not have another GPU. How can I make sure that the GPU is the problem? The motherboard doesn't have GPU either.
  7. Does nobody know the problem or nobody wants to make me upset? it's weird
  8. Hello, I just bought a used PC with Zotac GTX 760 GPU, the previous owner said he had the PC for two years without any problem. But when I want to use the PC or play a game, the GPU fan stops working and at the same time, my screen goes to black. meanwhile, all other parts of the PC keep working. (The GPU does not overheat, I kept monitoring) I also take out the GPU and put it back and checked all the cables. I am 80 percent sure, but I want to be 100 percent sure. Is the GPU dead? (I searched the internet a lot, but nobody had the same issue as me. My problem occurs completely randomly.) PS: I just spoke to the guy that I bought the PC from. He was confident that there isn't a problem with the PC. And told me they were using Windows 7 at that time, that could be my problem? Thanks in advance.
  9. New_Newbi

    Lenovo M91P graphics upgrade

    Without changing the PSU?
  10. New_Newbi

    Lenovo M91P graphics upgrade

    Thanks man, So it is do-able... I think I am going to go with it.
  11. New_Newbi

    Lenovo M91P graphics upgrade

    Well with this system I could get a decent tower with 300$. But there are not any other options to be even close! I just got a headache!
  12. New_Newbi

    Lenovo M91P graphics upgrade

    If I change my PSU, Can I put a more powerful GPU as well? Something like the RX560?
  13. New_Newbi

    Lenovo M91P graphics upgrade

    This is the case: https://www.cnet.com/products/lenovo-thinkcentre-m91p-sff-core-i5-2400-3-1-ghz-4-gb-320-gb-4518a31/
  14. New_Newbi

    Lenovo M91P graphics upgrade

    Yeah, Just one more question, How should I know that a graphics card will be compatible with my motherboard? Like this one, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6NI5X6/ref=dp_prsubs_2?th=1&tag=linus21-20 Also, The GPU only need to be Low Profile? Because in some of the images, the brackets look a bit taller than it needs to be...
  15. New_Newbi

    Lenovo M91P graphics upgrade

    Yeah, I see that now! It almost to good to be true! And I do not need to upgrade my PSU? I think I am going to go with Rx 560 Is this the right product? https://www.amazon.com/MSI-R5604TPC-560-Graphic-Cards/dp/B07B7YMBFC