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  1. hi so i recently bought a Dell precision t7500 with an e5640 cpu and four gigs ddr3 1333 ecc reg memory (2x2 in slots 1 and 3) my question is I am looking for ram and found 8 gig stick for good price (ecc reg too) so 1 will it work 2 in which slot 3 can it run with the 2 2gb sticks in triple channel
  2. MadGaming

    New dell t7500

    So won't do as much even when oc
  3. MadGaming

    New dell t7500

    Last quistions i am considering w3570 or w3680 are the two cores from th w3680 gona give me very big edge in the games
  4. MadGaming

    New dell t7500

    Hello I am not exactly new here but just have some quistions a little back story I am a gamer who will buy a new case in a few days I am buying a used dell t7500 workstation and have a few quistions about it can someone help 1 ) I already have a kit of 4gig ddr3 1333 (2+2) but it's non ecc can it use them or not 2 ) can u run 2 hdds in raid mode without formatting the two of them
  5. MadGaming

    please help

    thanks alot
  6. MadGaming

    please help

    sorry but i dont understand i dont speak english will so keep it simple please
  7. MadGaming

    please help

    today i open my pc as usual and while googling a little found that i have a notification with that pic and now iam confused the link dosnt work and i dont know did i win or not can some one help please ithat