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  1. I am currently looking to upgrade my GPU as its starting to battle to run modern games even at low, and i want to get into vr, i found a great deal on a used 1070 ti 8GB that was in an old crypto miner for around R3600 (about $210 USD) My Current setup: CPU: i7-4790 GPU: GTX 960 2GB RAM: 16 (4 X 4GB) Kingston 1600Mhz PSU: 700W I have 3 questions: 1. How badly will the CPU bottleneck the system? 2. How reliable is a second hand mining card? 3. What would performance be like in vr with a oculus rift s headset? Many thanks in advance
  2. Thx for the tips, i think i actually have a E7400 lying around somewhere...
  3. Hmm, dunno if i have any of those, I'm sourcing the parts from a bunch old pcs I have, and core 2 duo recommendations? (Since their more common)
  4. No, its in a separate system but i cant run it on my own pc, would a core 2 duo or quad be better?
  5. Would a pentium d 925 @ 3Ghz be enough for a minecraft server that'll have 3 people on it max? Or would it be a laggy mess? Thx in advance for any advice!!!