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  1. i did that. still nothing
  2. its defnitly a ddr4 mobo as the old ram is also ddr4. The issue is probably not with the ram as putting the old ram in doesnt work
  3. ok sketchy part. while in china, i bought it in a store inside of a electronics market.
  4. ive also tryes The old ram again with same computer. still nothing. side note, the leds on keyboard and mouse will work and fans will run when turned on. just nothing on monitor. i have also, removed The csmos battery and put it back in
  5. i had 8gb in 1 stick of ram before. i was upgradinf to 32 in 4 sticks. Im on a asus motherboard of some kind (dont remeber was kind. gotta check) with intel i5 6500. The monitor doesnt show anything. i tryed booting without the gpu as well
  6. I just tryed to install new/more ram on my motherboard. however, my cimputer wont boot. I found I didnt plug them in all the way and then i tryed again. still nothing. any help?