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    Fledgling LLC; Legit or Not?

    Hi KodiakWithAK! Thanks for asking about our Kickstarter. You are correct about the amount being low and that is because we use Kickstarter campaigns for product announcements and not to make new products. We use the funds from Kickstarter to help with our marketing efforts. HatSSD is our eBay distributor that we work closely with to expand the reach of our products. Fledging is focused on innovation and design and does so in-house with third-party manufacturing partners to help us get our premium electronics to the masses. Our partner HatSSD is focused on sales and customer service. Together, we are the first team to commercialize the NVMe SSD replacement solution for Mac. Our drives do come pre-installed with High Sierra OS 10.13.6 to help ease the installation process for our customers. We are a startup based in Birmingham, AL that formed in January of 2018. All orders are fulfilled for that Kickstarter campaign and our customers love Feather SSD. Our team will have more exciting product announcements in 2019 that we would love to share with you all! I've included some links to our website and news articles below, so you can take a look and learn more about us: Fledging Website Birmingham Business Journal: How UAB's new commercialization accelerator performed in its first year Bham Now: These 7 startups are getting attention in Birmingham and beyond University of Alabama at Birmingham: Entrepreneurial activity spurred by commercialization accelerator program