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  1. Subaru555

    Logitech G27 Problems (again)

    Hi all,i have the dreaded problem of this: the whell has been acting weird for a bit now, as with some games the lock wouldnt work when set to something other than 900 degrees. all drivers were set correctly and i uninstalled the profiler. now the problem is the profiler wont actually install. all it will do is say it installed but the logitech gaming software window (the second one) that detects the wheel and installs the drivers wont show up. its like it rushes through the install.im racking my brains on this and ive got no idea what to do, i need help. any would be amazing
  2. hi all, with powerline wifi do i need to have them on the same circuit? or does having the ground connected to both circuits let it work better?
  3. Subaru555

    GTX1070 G1 8GB Problem (Solved)

    ohhhhh i see. okay. then yeah this is solved any idea as to why it does that as when i installed the 950 it booted straight away?
  4. Subaru555

    GTX1070 G1 8GB Problem (Solved)

    i realise the cpu will bottleneck, but i am in progress of upgrading as i get the chance, this was a work colleagues brother and the chance came so i jumped at it. good news though, with no explanation i left the card in with previous NVidia drivers installed, for about a minute and it displayed picture, for no apparent reason it started working and the fans stopped as they should. because up until that point they hadnt stopped. i have tried multiple restarts and for no apparent reason it is working fine. it posts and displays output straight from the get go
  5. Im running a pentium G4560 and a GTX950 Windforce. i hve just bought a second hand GTX1070 G1 8GB from gigabyte. when installed, the card shows no output, and doesnt seem to post either. i have flashed bios using ASROCKS internet flash option to the latest revision. MOBO: ASROCK B250M Pro4 GPU: OLD: Gigabyte GTX950 Dual Windforce 2X NEW: Gigabyte GTX1070 G1 Gaming 8GB OC CPU: Pentium G4560 RAM: 8GB DDR4-2133 PSU: Thermaltake 600W PSU i have enabled PCIE APSM Support as seen on an EVGA Forum with a 1070, will test. Any help is appreciated, this is the first part swap ive done since i built the system nigh on a year and a half ago.