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  1. I came to ltt looking for some guys to help me, turns out you guys care about my education more then I do ?
  2. Anybody have suggestions tho? preferably non destructive?
  3. Will keep in mind that's why I am not doing any shit involving sys32 even tho my friends are craving destruction
  4. Theres no work and everyone at school is bored out of there minds because it's teachers sit down put a movie on and we get yelled at unless we watch the movie
  5. So... I need prank Idea's fast Some info: It's the last 3 days of school and I want to fuck with my teachers, I am a python programmer, I have access to a laptop, an iphone, the standard cables (aux, hdmi, vga, dvi) and a logitech bluetooth aux adapter. Unfortunately I do not have an arduino or raspberry pi. The schools computers are set up in a way where files aren't stored locally and there is only one open account that everyone can access, cmd is locked down tho batch files and exe's (exes must be off usb drive) run there are plenty of network printers as well. Any ideas? Mine include: - Replacing all of the shared account's browser shortcuts with porn or shutdown scripts - playing music to class speakers over bluetooth - printing mass amounts of merry christmas flyers with python
  6. Ok, thank you everyone for your so far advice. So... I will look into a B350/B450 board and a ryzen 3 cpu
  7. Also the reason I chose the athlon is for it's vega 3 integrated graphics as it will get me by until I can afford a gpu
  8. I read at the bottom of the page that a heat sink isn't included
  9. Hey everyone, any suggestions? *All prices are in Aud Some background info: The Parts I've Chosen: CPU Motherboard Ram Cooler Case PSU SSD Total Price=$395 + Ebay Windows 10 key
  10. L0m

    Ebay Usb Wifi Adapter

    Yeah, I was just looking if I could save a few bucks
  11. L0m

    Ebay Usb Wifi Adapter

    Thanks, I think I'll reconsider, although I realised it was usb 2.0 I didn't realise it was 2.4 only
  12. Hey everyone, I have my eye on this wifi adapter and am considering picking it up, I thought before I do I should check in here first. So here I am, is there anything I should be weary about/should know? Thanks all
  13. better but still a pretty big bottleneck
  14. Oh, thats a good point I forgot that they aren't apu's, my bad