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  1. Getting a 3900x. There is G Skill Trident Z Royal Series 3600MHz with C19 and G Skill Trident Z Neo 3600MHz with C18. The Neo is cheaper is that just because of how it looks. Should I just be getting the Neo? I think I've answered my own question but I just think the royal series looks so nice but the logical option would be to go with Neo
  2. Prefer to use water. Would the Cooler Master - MasterLiquid ML240L have basically same performance.
  3. I've bought a Ryzen 9 3900x. Now that it's been out for a bit what cooler should I be going for? In terms of liquid cooling I was thinking of going for the Cooler Master - MasterLiquid ML240L because it is a decent price for what you get. I have an idea people may say the Noctua coolers. I'm also planning on getting the Lian-Li P-011 Dynamic which is better for liquid cooling than for air. I could get the Air version but prefer the Dynamic. If you suggest one of those massive Noctua or Dark Rock with the massive heat sinks is there anything you can do to make it look better by replacing the fans with ones just as good etc.
  4. Do I only need to do something as simple as drill 4 holes?
  5. Says on the website known incompatibilty NVIDIA RTX 2060 and AMD Vega 64
  6. Need an AIO cooling bracket that is compatible for Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64. Are there any compatible ones or will I have to go the route of drilling a cpu bracket. If I need to drill it, are there any good tutorials on what to do. Preferabley videos.
  7. Not gonna lie to you that doesn't decrease my options that much. Thanks though the spreadsheet is useful. Unfortunately the ASRock Steel legend hasn't been tested yet which is really reasonable price but I'll go for something else if it isn't optimal.
  8. Title says it all. Specs: Sapphire Ntiro Vega 64. Could be upgrading to newest 5700XT or RTX Super later on Corsair Vengeance 16x2 3000MHz Seasonic Focus Gold 850W PSU. 1TB HDD 250GB SSD 250GB M.2 SSD I probably won't be doing any overclocking apart from 1 click overclocks such as game boost or something.
  9. Honestly this is the answer I wanted to hear. Hopefully I will be able to do this and run the ram dual channel still.
  10. I'm planning to get the Ryzen 3900X. Currently I have 1 RAM stick which is 16GB 3000MHz. I want to upgrade it. Do I get another RAM stick of the same type or get 8x2 3200MHz or above. If I get the 8x2 can I still keep the other 16GB stick in my PC without any problems?
  11. I am planning to upgrade to a Zen 2 processor when they come out but I do not know what cooler to use for it. Currently I have just a 120mm radiator and I don't know if that would be enough it's also a weird cheap brand. Also if I need a 240mm radiator or above then I need a new case with it. Currently I have a Corsair Spec-04. I think I want a case anyway. Budget for the case and cooler would probably be <300GBP. I've seen the Noctua coolers are good but I don't know if I want an air cooler. I think I have an illusion that liquid coolers with big radiators are much better which needs sorting out. Current components: CPU - i5-6600k (Changing to a Zen 2 processor. Going for the best one.) Motherboard - MSI Z270 Gaming Plus. (Going to change to one of the new series of motherboards that are being released) GPU - Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64 Case - Corsair Spec-04 RAM - 16x1 3000MHz. Yes I know 'Get dual channel'. Not right now. I don't want to spend another 80 pounds on memory that I really have no use for. CPU Cooler - 120mm Radiator PSU - Seasonic Focus Gold 850W Storage - 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD, 240GB M.2 SSD
  12. Nah I'm not super desperate at the moment. I'd rather wait then spent and extra 200
  13. Waiting a few months seem like the way to go.
  14. Cool thanks, probably going to wait for 3000 series then with the X570 motherboards
  15. Yeah just all the waiting kills me.