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  1. My Mi Box S was delivered today. I set it up and everything was fine during that time I even streamed a few videos. (This was in the afternoon.) Now in the evening, I wanted to watch YouTube so I opened the app, it would not open and said WiFi not connected. So I opened network settings the WiFi connected on it's own, I came back to YT app it said the same thing again. Every time I open network settings, the page is empty it takes a second to refresh the available networks and connects to my router. I tried connecting to a couple mobile hotspot, the problem persists. In the hotspot settings on my phone it shows that the box is disconnecting and reconnecting again and again. I tried factory resetting it, the problem's still there. Any Idea how I can fix this? Mi Box S Android 8.1.0 Build: OPM1.171019.011.588
  2. Hey, I have an old 3ds, I'm more of a PC guy and don't know much about Nintendo consoles. I had a PSP 3000 and installed a cfw on it for playing games off an ISO file. Can anything similar be done on 3ds?
  3. The.GVS

    OnePlus 6t Vs Samsung A9

    And A9's Quad-camera setup?
  4. The.GVS

    OnePlus 6t Vs Samsung A9

  5. The.GVS

    OnePlus 6t Vs Samsung A9

    No, Note 9 is ₹67K where as 6t(6 GB ram) and A9 are under ₹35K
  6. Hey guys, I have a Samsung C9 Pro right now and wanted to get a new phone. I will have to keep the next phone atleast for 3 years. Which do I go for? Software updates are a big deal for me. And I don't know if I'm gonna miss the earphone jack if I go for 6t. The only gaming I do on my phone is Steam LInk(atleast for now) Which do you guys recommend?
  7. I need a cheap, thin and light laptop that I can carry to class that can run basic programs in python and mathematica. I have a gaming laptop but it's too heavy to lug everyday to class.
  8. The.GVS

    Laptop for Science and Gaming

    Okay man, thanks!
  9. The.GVS

    Laptop for Science and Gaming

    Around 1.6 - 1.7 lakh.
  10. The.GVS

    Laptop for Science and Gaming

    Was thinking of buying this, any other suggestions with similar specs?
  11. The.GVS

    Laptop for Science and Gaming

    I don't mind a bulky system, I'll use it as a desktop replacement in my hostel. Same for battery life, don't need much, and don't needs l Quadro, can use lab workstation for intensive work. And is 1050ti still gonna be good for coming years or should I increase my budget?
  12. Hey guys, I need a gaming laptop. which would atleast last me 5 years from now. My main workload will be gaming but I will also using it for InDesign and Photoshop. I also want to be able to use it for MATLAB and Mathematica. My budget is arround $2400. And I'll be buying this around June. Any suggestions? (In India)