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  1. Hi peeps, Help required i have decent knowledge about pc stuff but looking for experienced suggestions to find a best solution. i recently upgraded my cpu from i3 3220 to i5 3450 and paired it with intel dh61ww mobo !! my old mobo(asus h61m-k) got damaged so had no choice except using the intel board. Suddenly it started to beep on boot, yes it was 3 beeps system memory issue so i found out DIMM 2 slot died. i know for a fact both ram slots worked before on trial(open bench). i had doubts so checked for bent pins on mobo coz it was not a good packaging when it got shipped to me. ofc i found 2 pins bent little, i fixed it for now & system runs but im very hesitant to have it on such a state. currently on 4gb ram single slot ;( bad for gaming.....tried to allocate virtual memory(paging) acceptable for time being. following are my options, either buy new mobo which is possible but may take time due to corona situation. available boards zebronic h61 & zebronic b75 !? my cpu isnt worth OC with bclk. 1. zeb b75 has only 100mbps lan - https://zebronics.com/products/motherboards/zeb-b75-lga-1155-socket 2. zeb h61 has 1000mbps lan (buying it) - https://zebronics.com/products/motherboards/zeb-h61-socket-1155 is it safe to run my pc in this condition for next 2 months ? ASAP will get new. should i risk it to re-bend socket pins ............................ most important doubt, whether this will damage other components in the long run & also if cpu has shorts will it automatically turn off/not post safely shutting down or it will burn one day ?. also i ran Intel Processor Diagnostic tool all test passed Thanks in advance, LTT is always my preferred place for tech
  2. Just need clarification about the pciex16 slot also. Since my old gpu is DDR3 & modern gpu's are DDR5. Right?! Its compatible yet how far.
  3. I have a Zotac Zone Edition GT 630 2GB (Kepler-for reference). I bought a new pc, Ryzen 5 3600x MSI B450m pro-vdh plus Corsair vengeance 3000mhz (8GBx1) Corsair VS550 Corsair spec-01 case Kingston A400 240GB SSD Now i have no money left for a gpu (thinking about gtx1660). So will my pc post for the first time boot & how far will it affect my performance. Is it fine to use a old gpu like mine on this latest build ?! Looking for valuable information !!