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  1. Hello i bought a new monitor and set the refresh rate to 165hz then i noticed movement stuttering when looking at stable objects at high fps but when i lock the fps to 60 the stutter disappears here are videos illustrating the problem video with unlocked fps focus on the painting board white side stutter https://streamable.com/y4375k video with fps locked at 60 https://streamable.com/5trpvj
  2. yep just got unlucky but this monitor is completely out of stock everywhere and unfortunately the place i bought it from has no return policy and i doubt they will replace it will just try to ignore it
  3. hello there again wanted to update you on the situation i posted the pic on another site and they told me its just dust and not a dead pixel considering the screen is very thin on the sides it has a high chance that dust slips inside the panel here is a pic i snapped with my phone up close and clearly the pixels are working and displaying colors but they get a bit darker once you zoom out https://imgur.com/a/pfdrSNv again thanks alot for the help
  4. Thanks a lot for the help Do you think it’s fine to have it out Of the box with a dead pixel? I was just worried that it might cause something else to the screen or spread and eventually kill the monitor i used to have an lg 22 inch but didn’t really care about this stuff but since this is the newest monitor I got I was a bit worried
  5. Hello about 4 days ago i bought a brand new asus vg249q monitor https://www.asus.com/Monitors/TUF-GAMING-VG249Q/ i noticed that there is a one dead pixel near the top left edge of the screen its not visible at all times since its on the edge https://imgur.com/a/akNN1R6 i contacted the customer support of the place i bought it and they said its perfectly fine and that asus won't replace the monitor unless there is 3 or more dead pixels on the panel and if i replace it i still might get a one or two dead pixels on the new screen that is positioned in the middle where its clearly visible the store showed me a photo of the table in this link it says that dark dead pixels should be 5 or above for replacement https://www.asus.com/me-en/support/Warranty/13/24/0/19/SqSPAYIsfecjo9GX/ thats why they refused to replace it i was concerned about this and wanted to make sure is that true and thanks
  6. Hello First of all I need to say that Iam not familiar with tech on the deep side so excuse me if this question was silly i was wondering if graphics cards will not need to be upgraded in the future because we are getting to a point where video games have actually achieved a similar view of reality for example difference between games like battlefield 1942 and battlefield 4 in graphics quality is insane but the difference between battlefield 4 and battlefield 5 isn’t that much because there is not much to achieve anymore on the graphics side, so basically what iam trying to say is that if you buy a new graphics card to power up the new games that have high graphics quality what if these graphics qualities have reached the max potential which is close to real life view considering that I want to be gaming on 1080p all the time will this generation of graphics cards be active forever?