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  1. I am getting rid of it. I am mostly asking do i need to do anything to prepare it from removing from pc
  2. So i am preparing to remove a secondary internal hard drive but i want to know how to erase data just from the second hard drive and then how to safely remove it without damaging my pc. Someone help please?
  3. Throwing away but i dont want to idk break the pc by removing it so can i just format it and remove?
  4. im not using it again should i still follow these steps
  5. So im removing my second internal hard drive and ive wiped it(it says it is sill using 3gb but i copied all the data to another hard drive)and before i remove it i just want to check should i do anything else before i remove it ot is it ok to be removed?
  6. Crystal disk says its healthy but should i still replace it?
  7. So i got a new hard drive recently and ive been using hard disk sentinel and the performance just dropped to 87%! I was thinking of buying a new hard drive but external this time, and recommendations, Requirements: 500GB Trusted Brand £20-35
  8. So i installed a second hard drive on my pc after having my pc for 8 months, it is fine but whenever i play games it starts clicking, should I remove the HDD and should I delete the stuff on it(just one game) before removing it? I think its the hard drive clicking anyway because i never heard the noise before I installed the second hard drive and it only happens when im playing games
  9. So i have a zalman z9 plus case which comes with a temperature monitor, the temperature monitor usually is at 23-27 degrees but after installing a new hard drive today it is at 35 degrees. I was initially worried but right now im downloading on my pc and the cpu temp is 36 degrees and it smells normal from the top exhaust fans, my question is should i be worried?
  10. Thank godsorry for asking dumb questions
  11. Its on the GPU i forgot to mention