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  1. LokiElixir

    New PC

    Thank you for the spec list. Whenever I tried to do a build with everything I always totaled out to around $3,000-$3,200 didn't think I'd be able to get everything I want for less that $3,000
  2. LokiElixir

    New PC

    I've been streaming on twitch for awhile but I've been wanting to be able to do more. Since the prebuilt I have isn't the best but it's okay for what I'm doing.
  3. LokiElixir

    New PC

    Hey guys need some help about a new build that I’ll be using for gaming/streaming/editing. If possible I’d prefer 32GB of RAM. A i9-9900k CPU. A 2080 Ti Graphics Card. That’s what I know I want in the build I don’t know what else I should go this will also be my first personal build. I bought a prebuilt awhile back to introduce myself to PC Gaming and I fell in love with it so I saved up money for 10 months and here I am now. If you have any advice about building my first PC please feel free to tell me about it. I won’t need any monitors mice etc. I will be using 3 monitors at 144Hz though. I’ll also be playing/streaming games like Rust, CSGO, Arma 3, usually graphic intensive games. But I don’t mind what the games looks like to me but I’ll want the graphics to be the best for my viewers. Budget: $2,500-$3,200 USD Intel or AMD: Intel NVIDIA or Radeon: NVIDIA When parts will be bought: Within the next 2-3 weeks. Location: Midwestern United States
  4. LokiElixir

    Gaming PC Build & Streaming Build

    Well with my job during the summer I'll be making $700-$1,000 every two weeks and I have no expenses since I was blessed with my parents handing down a truck for me and paying for my gas till I'm out of high school so in a month I'll be able to buy the parts for this system I already have $1,000 saved up and I get $300 a paycheck with the days I work now and in just a month I'll be back to working 5 days a week 8 hour days. Would this build still be good by then or should I ask then again? I had kinda put fall just as the latest I would want to buy the system.
  5. So I'm gonna be building a gaming PC for my streaming setup this PC would be the one I game on etc. I have a second PC that will be my Streaming PC.The PC I'll be using for streaming and editing the videos has the specs. I'll be editing usually full videos. Maybe some montages of stream highlights etcXPG 16GB DDR4 2400MHz of Ram an i7-8700 CPU Geforce GTX 1060 3GB GPU. Any other specs of this PC that you would need to know let me know and I can tell you them The build I was thinking of is linked below pcpartpicker.com/list/jyZgjy If you know of a better build feel free to list the specs Budget & Currency: $3,000-$3,200 Peripherals & Monitor: Main gaming monitor 24.5 inch by Omen HP at 144Hz, communication monitoring temps monitor MSI 24 inch 144Hz curved monitor, main monitor for stream PC ASUS VG248QE 24 inch 144Hz. Games: Rust, Arma, DayZ, Ark, Scum, CSGO, Smite, Anthem, Civilization 6, mostly graphic intensive games I'll be playing and streamingSoftware: Windows 10, Sony Vegas Pro When: Fall of 2019 August- September
  6. LokiElixir

    $5000-$10000 gaming setup

    Gaming is my passion though after high school I’m going to school for cyber security anything computer/tech related I’ll go into to
  7. LokiElixir

    $5000-$10000 gaming setup

    So what if I told you I have a gaming setup with three 144HZ gaming monitors for my PC then I also have two gaming consoles with about 50-200 games between the two of them all bought for $50 or more and then I have a gaming PC worth about $1000-$1300 plus the games I think would add up to around $500 then I have put in about $100-$300 in just making my setup desk etc just look cool nothing that special right about what if I told you I’m only 16 years old. I know crazy right your first thought is probably that I have parents that spoiled me well dang I wish my setup would be so much better. But no I actually work 35-40 hours a week so I would be able to buy my setup. Before I even got my job I was working as much as possible saving up for a gaming PC it was summer time and I was cutting 5+ lawns every week for anywhere ranging from $20-$50 depending on the size of the yard that got me okay cash but nowhere near close enough for what I envisioned believe it or not. I then was able to get a job around when school started loved the job the actual work and co-workers were amazing probably because I didn’t have my PC yet so that was my goal get enough for that PC and I did and now I have it and the my grind seems to slowing down not something I personally like so. You’re probably wondering why I put $5000-$10000 gaming setup when what I all listed probably doesn’t add up to near that well to keep my grind going I set more goals maybe they’re a little too much but they’re goals none the less and I love what I’m doing and working for I’m planning on getting a monitor for my two consoles so five monitors in total and then get a new gaming PC that’ll last me 5+ years so the budget for that is anywhere from $1500-$3000 and I’ll probably get at least two monitors for those as well so maybe around 7 or so monitors I’ll have for my gaming setup all 144HZ capabilty. I know people definitely have way more expensive and better setups than I have but I personally think for being 16 with what I have and still going to school I think it’s an alright start. Just something I wanted to do for some reason hope everyone enjoyed have a great day. And enough picture or my setup is a little out of date I have some 3D lamps etc added on after this picture was taken. And yeah cables are terrible
  8. LokiElixir

    PC Build

    How long do you think this system would last me if I plan to go with this build?
  9. LokiElixir

    PC Build

    My budget is anywhere from $1500-$3000 I want this PC to be able to last me a long while without having to upgrade many of the parts so PSU can be changed I have another computer that I'll use for my streaming so I'll be using this one for gaming work etc and should I change my motherboard I like playing games at really any settings I usually prefer 100 and above on games and my location is the midwest and I'll be using 2-3 monitors at 144HZ
  10. LokiElixir

    PC Build

    So I’m pretty new to building PCs and I’m gonna build a gaming one and I have a PC for streaming already so I’m wondering if the pictures provided below would work in a build if their are any compatibly issues or if I should add anything or replace any parts with better parts
  11. LokiElixir

    RAM Upgrade

    Does anyone know if my ASUS Prime H310-PLUS motherboard can support G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 if you need anymore information let me know and I can provide it thank you
  12. LokiElixir

    PC Won't shut down

    So last night my PC started having some errors for some reason for my Realtek drivers disappeared from my system even though in settings and storage it says they are there and no file relating to the drivers can be found and even when I tried to reinstall them they didn't work the drivers didn't work. I didn't mind that much but as I was trying to fix that whenever I tried to go into the bios I noticed my PC wouldn't completely shut down I go to shut down etc but all my parts fans, gpu, cpu are still running so I would have to hold the power button that wakes it up for it all to shut off then I turned of the PSU and unplugged replugged it and still nothing I have thought of that should work hasn't worked so 2 things my audio drivers disappeared and my PC won't shut down properly. I'm more concerned about my PC not shutting down properly than my audio drivers
  13. LokiElixir

    Realtek Audio

    not there either first place I checked the only devices detected are my 3 monitors even thought my headset and speakers are plugged in
  14. LokiElixir

    Realtek Audio

    All the "Realtek" files you see are the drivers that I tried to install from their website and when that didn't work I came here 2019-01-07 21-48-02.mp4
  15. LokiElixir

    Realtek Audio

    I'm not able to access my Realtek audio manager thought in storage it says it is installed but when I go search for it in file explorer etc it is nowhere to be found