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  1. I think my power supply is dying. It started a while ago, if I bumped or touched my psu cable my PC would shut off. I thought that this was because my is on my desk and the cord goes straight down. So every time I would move the cable around and it would turn on. Then a week ago it wouldn't turn on at all, no matter where I positioned the cable in the socket or on my desk, I would sometimes get it but once I let go of the cable it would shut off. So I didn't play for a week and considered getting a new psu. So before I went to unplug everything to ship it to evga and get it fixed or get a new one, I checked all the cables. I saw that my 20+4 pin connector had the 4 part not completely in and my case connectors on my motherboard weren't in right. So I fixed those and my pc worked and I had no problems with it at all. Then the problem started happening again today. I have no idea what it could be. I have warranty with evga on my psu. Help is appreciated. G4560 Msi b250m pro vd Crucial ballistix 8gb ddr4 Hp s700 sad Wd caviar blue Msi armor rx580 8gb Evga 500b 80+bronze
  2. I downloaded the radeon drivers on my ssd before I uninstalled the Nvidia ones from my hdd.
  3. So I recently upgraded to an Rx 580 8gb from a gtx 770 founders edition 2gb. I had a fan problem with the first rx 580 so I had to RMA. I got my second one and have been using it and noticed that I get frame drops so I checked afterburner and my gpu usage goes up and down and up. I have the latest drivers, it dosen't thermal throttle besides when I forget to open afterburner and start playing. I get the same 30 fps on Pubg as I did with my gtx 770 at very low settings. From everything I know it is probably either a cpu bottleneck because the g4560 has 2c/4t. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/296390507364483083/530915278079524885/unknown.png g4560 8gb ram rx 580 8gb ssd hdd