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    New HDMI to DP adapter doesn't work on TV standby

    Just got a new cable and the problem sadly persists. I'm just not sure if it is even supposed to work like it did before or if it was just some freak coincidence. Do you guys have any idea what part of the cable/adapter might be responsible to make the tv recognizable in standby? So i might be able to get exactly the one I need. The one that worked sadly wasn't the one I originally ordered and because it was broken I returned it, so no way to trace that one back.. Thanks for your advice so far!
  2. Hey! My only HDMI port is already in use for my Vive, so I got an HDMI to DP adapter to connect the TV to my PC. Worked all pretty well, but the adapter stopped working after about two months, so i sent it back and got a new (different) one. With the new adapter the TV doesn't get detected in standby. When i turn it on my other monitors start flickering and the TVs sound output is not working until i open the sound control panel. Any idea why it worked before and doesn't anymore with the new adapter? I'd really like it to work again! Thank you guys in advance! I use Windows 10 on a maschine with a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme This is the adapter I'm using now To elaborate a bit on my situtation, I use nircmd and some shortcuts to change my soundoutputs for TV, speaker, headset and Vive. The TV sound only works after i open the windows sound control - maybe that makes it look for connected hardware?