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  1. Well I'm working on that now , but it's not letting me just download the installer
  2. My computer runs cracked version on windows 10 pro which at the time I built this I didn't have money for the operating system at the time , the issue is that I dont know if it's the os breaking or my hardware but in games it will stutter or just straight up crash but it usually happens in multiplayer games, I can run games like borderlands 3 fine but games games like modern warfare. Any input would be helpful. My hardware is as follows, Ryzen 7 2700x B350-F asus motherboard Rtx 2080 16gb Corsair vengeance pro 3200mhz ram 650w psu
  3. I saw some nice looking fans on amazon , the thermaltake riing plus and was prob gonna drop 300 on fans alone but now I wonder what would be smarter , putting the exhaust and intake on separate controllers or just have them all together
  4. I'm going to be upgrading my case soon to anidees AI Crystal Cube AR V2 and it says it supports up to 12 fans which being how I am I want to utilize that and smack 12 fans in the case but my problem is that I dont think my Asus B350-F motherboard will have enough pins to connect all of the fans , any solution or ideas you guys or gals have would be great.
  5. I just made my new PC and it's my first time doing so but it will soft freeze while opening anything even just chrome which by the way doesn't work because it times out and I could be playing a game that has very little strain on the computer like league of legends and it'll stop in the middle of playing and take a minute or two then continue and sometimes itll lock all the way up . My trouble shooter says that it has trouble creating new apps but no solutions to fix it , any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. My build is (Cpu)Ryzen 7 2700x (Cpu cooler)Cooler that came with the cpu (Motherboard)Asus b350 f (Ram)corsair pro 16gb 3000 mhz (Gpu) EVGA 1070ti hybrid (Power supply) corsair 650w And I have 120 exhaust and intake fan