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  1. plugged my japanase 20 gb ps3 straight into the power and it works.
  2. the cechc isnt multivoltage and the cechg is the only other one every other model is multivoltage.
  3. thank you for answering Mark Kaine i looked up my model number it is cechb00 a japanase 20 gb ps3 launch system and it is using a multivoltage power supply which can handle from 100v to 240v.
  4. ok thanks for your answers i heard that most ps3 are multivoltage and work anywhere except cechc and cechj.
  5. will an japanase ps3 20 gb fat launch model work in european plugs namely in Ireland ?
  6. what about cracking up the fan with rebug custom firmware ?
  7. ebay prices them at a minimum of 169 dollars and amazon has barely any of them.
  8. importing a 20gb fat ps3 with bc from america or japan to europe how much do 20gb ps3s cost ?
  9. how much is a brand new 80gb ps3 in the box never opened worth and how much is a second hand one worth ?
  10. is there a cfw for firmware 2.76 if not how would i make one ?
  11. they still got wii u in the store i got my ps3 80gb beliave it or not all brand new.
  12. 1 ps1 2nd gen 3 ps2 slims 2 fat ps2s 3 fat ps3s 80gb one is a brand new boxed 2 60gb ps3s 1 ps3 slim ps4 2nd launch model ps4 pro psp ps vita nintendo wii nintendo ds original xbox xbox 360