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  1. actually thats not correct uniqsoftware have it but its just that this edition is out of stock for now they said it should be back
  2. hi does anyone know where i could get a vista ultimate activation key in digital form from someone that isnt going to scam me. preferably an official microsoft partner.
  3. davekelly17

    gtx 1060 3gb windows vista driver ?

    is i possible to modify the latest gtx 1060 driver to work on vista? i have made my own gtx 1060 driver from the 368.81 evga driver.
  4. davekelly17

    gtx 1060 3gb windows vista driver ?

    wait never mind managed to make my own.
  5. davekelly17

    gtx 1060 3gb windows vista driver ?

    thanks for your help guys but i dont have an intel chip i know there are modded 1060 drivers for vista but they are the 6gb version and i need the 3gb version .
  6. i need a modded gtx 1060 3gb driver for vista for testing purposes. also does anyone know if the 6gb version of the driver would work even though i have the 3gb card ? any help would be appreciated
  7. i had the same problems with windows 7 on my asus fx503vd i have everything working on it now except the touchpad i need the serial io and touchpad driver for that.
  8. hi i am looking for people who installed windows 7 on any 7th gen intel core processor. Also looking for people who have modified drivers for all or most of the processors. Anything from touchpads to wifi drivers and any other drivers as well as serial io controller drivers are greatly appreciated.
  9. would it be possible for anyone to mod these drivers for me to work with windows vista ? i know your going to ask or say things like why would you want windows vista on such a system. i want it simply to see if it is possible o run windows vista on it. my vista image has service pack 2 if that makes it any different when it come to the drivers. win7 kaby lake drivers.rar
  10. because windows 10 is too slow on it and i got every other drive my mose works just have no use of the touchpad why would i stop when am so close ?
  11. Hello can anyone please find unofficial drivers for windows 7 on asus fx 503vd for the serial io and touchpad the ones i found are in a package of unofficial drivers for kaby lake and those dont work they make the mouse go either right or left the other drivers all work for my pc but not those two. if anyone could make them for me or find ones that work i would hugely appreciate it and i could perhaps help you if you need drivers for 7th gen intel processor based pcs.
  12. this is a challange for anyone looking for one can you mod these drivers to work on windows vista ? give it a go if you dare ! windows 7 p pavillion 15 kaby lake drivers.rar
  13. hello people does anyone know where i could get a serial io controller as well as a asus fx503vd touchpad driver for windows 7? or if anyone could post a link here for me i would greatly appreciate that i just cant find those two drivers i got official and unofficial drivers for all 7th gen kabylake processors but not those two.
  14. Hi i anybody has unofficial drivers for intel serial io for asus fx503vd windows 7 and maybe the touchpad ones as well could they link me to them please ?
  15. davekelly17

    installing windows 7 on asus fx503vd gaming laptop not possible

    never mind managed to get it installed had to track down a sata raid driver and theni= i could install.