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  1. Hi, thought I'd chip in here. The main high voltage reservoir capacitor could have gone bad, causing extra overall stress. And would make the PSU whine loudly. I recently fixed and old Acer AL1619W. The high voltage cap had failed completely.
  2. I should have explained my last post a little clearer, sorry. I think ultimately the chipset is bottlenecking your CPU/GPU. I read a lot about the 61 vs 75 chipsets before making my choice of a second hand mobo, while I had the chance... Without getting my hands on a 2/3rd gen "k" series CPU to actually try it I can't prove my mobo will overclock, but the available settings in the bios suggest you can change the multiplier on it. That's how I understand it, you have a base clock that stays fixed, but the CPU multiplier can be raised a bit and if your RAM allows it, you can mess with that. My mobo has a whole bunch of RAM settings too, but the RAM sicks has to have the right code burned into it's "electrically erasable, reprogrammable rom" chip to clock that up as well. Your GPU card is only probably running 2 gen speeds. As I understand it from researching it all. I think
  3. Hi all. I am a Raspi 1,2 and 3b+ owner. The 3b+ machine only has USB 2 (still! Argh!) and therefore no gigabit internet and only so-so data transfer over the internal buses. This is only a Pi compute with a few add-ons and a case to make it clip on to Din rail for industrial-friendly use. ASUS tinker board however..... Yeah, I should have bought one.
  4. OK your GPU may well be bottlenecked by the CPU. I found installing steam (last night) and downloading 3D Mark free version showed my GPU to be upper mid-range (a good 60+ FPS on testing 1080p) But the CPU was not getting past 10! I only really play Burnout Paradise remastered and Need for speed shift via origin at the moment, so My FPS is 60+ on those games. From what I read on Game Debate, GTA V is more power hungry. The only difference is our chipsets, maybe the H61 chipset itself is your bottleneck? See this thread: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/327183-30-tomshardware
  5. I only have an i5 2400, so was only adding a "PS" because I'd like to max out with the i7 CPU. I'm presuming hyperthreading plus unlocked core with get me a little faster.. They are going for stupid money in the UK (£140 or more) The mobo in question has two bioses, and given faster RAM and a "K" type processor, yes it has all the overclocking options there, just not for me with my locked CPU. I guess it's a question of budget versus how much faster do you need to go at the moment?
  6. Hi all. I have dipped my toe in the world of watercooling on a very tight budget. So here's my experience so far... I found a Coolermaster Seidon 2400V AIO for £44.96 and free shipping here in the UK. I only have an i5 2400 but it works a treat! My CPU temps never go higher than 39oC average (102.2) or thereabouts. The reason I went for it was the noise in my system, and the fact that any decent air cooler was going to cost about as much? (Noctua, etc..) I had to get a new case to take the rad, in the front in mine, with the fans mounted to the front of the rad and the rad bolted to the case chassis with the front panel on that. I have a nice quiet PC now, except when I'm playing a game, but watercooling an RX570 GPU card is neither cheap nor straightforward... The Case I got to take the AIO cooler is an AeroCool Aero 300 Mid Tower Case - Black USB 3.0 from Ebay for £25.85 also free shipping.... So, yeah given my budget I'm happy with the outcome
  7. Hi there. I found myself needing a 1155 mobo after discovering the dell system I got secondhand was bios locked and wouldn't take my brand new RX570 I found a Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H-rev-1.1 on Amazon. I has 4 RAM slots, takes Sandbridge or Ivybridge 1155 CPU's and Gen 3 PCIe and USB3 Maybe that's the sort of thing you are needing? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gigabyte-GA-B75M-D3H-SKT-1155-B75M-D3H-Motherboard/dp/B007R9CRGW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1546968372&sr=8-1&keywords=ga-b75m-d3h Is the board I got, cost me £40 in December You might get a similar to this for a good price. P.S. if you ever sell that 3770K I'd buy it from you....