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  1. Can u send me some lego blocks via post since here we don't have any lego stores...
  2. What issues u had?isn't it gaming x trio heavier?
  3. I wonder did anyone had issues after a while that graphics card (heavy one) damaged MoBo?
  4. Hey friends. Came browsing with my supplier and noticed this: https://iponcomp.hr/shop/termek/deepcool-gh-01-a-rgb-graficka-kartica-drzac-crno/1730038 Discounted. So I want to ask u,do we really need this thing or is it just waste of money? My PCIE slot is not steel reinforced and my graphics card zotac amo extreme is quite heavy.
  5. Don't worry,I have one too,just because I like them beefy. You won't pay huge bills for electricity cuz you won't even use half of power of that PSU. Regarding FSP they make great PSU,and for sure pick that one. I have Some 8 years old model and still works in one of my PCs.
  6. I removed NZXT fan from the case (model no. in topic), hoping that Pure Wings 2 will do better job as exhaust fan,but I don't feel much air pushing out of the case. I know that on old PC I have SickleFlow as exhust fan and even from 2 feet I could feel air on my legs pushing in. So it's suprise to me that 120mm beats both of these 140mm fans.. I don't know why CM gets better results,so I need to know which of these 3 fans would be the best as exhaust fan. For sure PureWings 2 will go out of this case since it sucks bad.
  7. yeah I see but is there any difference in performance or it's just ment for smooth scrolling? Don't like it to ratch since I see i need to push a bit to scroll it when in that mode.
  8. damnn.I guess I did....now it's smooth,so what is the difference?
  9. My laptop left with my mouse turned on over night and I just sat to use it and noticed that my mouse scroll is not smooth like it was before. Now I'm sure it wasn't dropped by someone. When I scroll I can feel a tension on a finger and louder noise from the scroll button. Haven't change any settings in software nor I ever touch it. What happened actually,how can I revert to like it was before? Did smth stuck in mouse?
  10. that is odd,asuming you connected everything properly then it's timw for RMA or new MoBo.
  11. sadly to me this looks like dead graphics card,you can remove it and install to a friends PC and that would solve your dilema... that would be the less damage to PC,since that card is not that precious...you are lucky it didn't damage your MoBo and RAM I hope.
  12. is MoBo completly dead,or you get some error code if you have debug screen?
  13. absolutely true,even my motherboard didn't even post with 3600MHz,lower DRAM freq and check then performance...3200MHz is sweet spot.
  14. check ram clearence on it's website,if it will fit then you are good to go,since case is not issue like mod mentioned.
  15. avoid stock cooler if you will stress your CPU..for any work like browsing,office stock will do the job....that thing heats really a lot,I have it and know it.
  16. get DR 4,hook up any 140mm fan with good static pressure and you will get yourself Pro version..
  17. what cpu you want to cool down? cryorig R1 ultimate,NH-D15 and DR Pro 4 are 3 best air coolers out there.
  18. I think baking gpu in owen is only solution for this issue lol.
  19. it depends on psu quality..if you are on bronze or gold 600 w is bare minimum cuz that card is really power hungry... I'd swap the psu and test the ram or swap the ram and report back,assuming you did fresh install of W10.
  20. you control the lightning effects with it's software,depending on which modules you buy..but it wil work don't worry,doesn't matter what board you have,but it's a plus if you have board that supports aura,chrome or gigabyte lightning effects.
  21. dude I'm talking the one I posted,I don't live in USA or any EU land, where you guys can buy car with golden wheels... I can afford the one on pictures so I asked about that one.
  22. nope,it has one port not 2. but I can use usb hub from 1 usb--2 usb,can I?
  23. Can I use both devices over one port on switch?
  24. what switch is this? i googled can't find one...looks like one of Hama producing. Nope,I use both PC often,depends on games I'm playing.