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  1. When running some games my computer just shuts down after a few seconds and i have to turn my power supply on and off again for it to start. I have a B450M mobo with a ryzen 2600, an rtx 2060 and a corsair 650W psu. This only happens in some games but not only heavy games for example it happens in both jedi fallen order and heave ho, but not in metro exodus. Turning up the power limit in MSI afterburner helps in some games but not all. I think it might be something wrong with the psu but it could be the gpu since it only started happening after i got the 2060. I'm not sure what to do to check what's wrong. Do i have to buy any new parts?
  2. I have a b450 motherboard a ryzen 5 2600 and a 650W PSU. but it worked with my old 980 so its probably the GPU
  3. I just bought an rtx 2060 and it works perfectly in all games but cs:go. In cs:go i can get into a game but after a few seconds my computer hard crashes. I tried updating my drivers but it didn't work. Is the card or PSU bad or can i solve the problem without buying something new?
  4. Haha I'm about to give up so I might just try
  5. Well it gets to the login screen and I can enter my password so idk whats wrong
  6. Nope same problem in lower resolution
  7. What driver should I uninstall
  8. What should I do when I'm in safe mode (works btw)
  9. I've rebooted maybe 10 times no troubleshooting screen. If I only press the power button my monitors turn black but computer keeps running. I again have to hold the power button. Is there a way to boot to safe mode from the bios?
  10. I'm running latest windows 10 home 64 bit. When will it boot to the troubleshooting screen and what should I do then
  11. While I was playing my computer completely froze and I had to hold the power button to turn it off. When I turn it back on and enter my password it just starts loading forever. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Please help I have windows 10 64 bit Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte b450m pro4 GTX 980
  12. I enjoy those newer AAA games and i want them to look as good as possible. I found a good deal on a vega 64 for less than what a vega 56 costs new (with swedish 25% tax) so thats what i'll go for
  13. i know but at least high/ultra in most games
  14. exactly, but i found a used vega 64 for $360 that I will probably buy. iirc it is about as powerful as a gtx 1080