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  1. Hi like u see in the title. I,m looking for an SSD of best price value in belguim. money to spend 200 euros. the best option in most is crusial. what do u guys suggest?
  2. The ' : " *? < > and stuff like that is all different. All I want to do know is like I did is set the settings in windows in US (not belguim) And Change the letter key caps where I know where they are. its better for me to type a message. I can't fully type and watch the screen if it's wrong. Sad the settings are so unviewable and 2 settings to change key as much the same to change it
  3. Hi there. I just bought me an Corsair K70 mk2 SE Here in Belgium we have Azerty so I have no much choice. The website text said it was US when, i ordered it said it was Dutch layout. But I have no € only $ can I change this and how? I was sure I can change the letter layout Q to A W/Z Z/W M/: :/? But with which setting option and how?
  4. Mayby I can ask if they test it in store and see what's the best option?
  5. Never heard of the brand QMK. Where is the company from? I think the best option is to buy Razer or Corsair maybe from what I understand its the option im looking for like im explaining.
  6. Hi I’m looking for an gaming keyboard. saddly there are only 2 brands with Belgain AZERTY lay-out. Corsair, Hyper X, Steelseries and Logitech... _______________________________________________________ Is it possible with a macro to change the W to Z. And than change the cap to the position I used to. So I can leave 4$ in place the buttons above and other keys. I only need to change key lay-out from BE to UK/US maybe something else. I dont want to go to FR AZERTY lay-out with the french words.
  7. Low Land Home a Belgian group that I saw yesterday night for free. Not bad not bad...
  8. I think u know much of modding and textures. I just download a good looking mod I like. specs 1440p RTX 2070 MSI
  9. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=skyrim+ray+tracing+mod Here is a ray tracing mod
  10. Jongofet

    G sync

    Yup I have rtx 2070 connected with displayport
  11. Jongofet

    G sync

    Hi fellow gamers. Im over thinking myself. i have an MSI Optix AG32CQ its a perfect monitor with everything. From what I know he has nothing of g sync compatible even if MSI Comfirming this. I set g sync on in Nvidia control panel there is a bubble that says not compatible. i think I need to set freesync on on the monitor screen?! sorry its so confusing all this. They said in store today that I can use the g sync with a file. But How? https://www.coolblue.be/nl/product/822423/msi-optix-ag32cq.html Im looking for an 30, 32inch monitor with min 100 hz 1440p. g sync or free sync (that can run g sync with a manual How I can solve the problem) curved if possible. Tnx if u can make me think if it a little more.
  12. MSI OPTIX AG32CQ MSI is claiming this screen works. I tested it with the pendulum demo on 60 and 144 fps the grey bar in 1st time normal but wen. I try Second time or the orther day the grey line stutters. screen blinks red if I click mouse. this is the best screen for me I can find I have it and I can send it back. I set on the screen settings of Free sync on the display. and with Nvidia panel evryting on there is a bubble saiying its not compatible. they Said in store u can fix it with Some files i cant find nothing.
  13. https://thepcenthusiast.com/msi-freesync-monitors-compatible-with-g-sync/ My screen normal can use g sync but with no fps changes tested. I think in reality its not working. https://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/adaptive-vsync/supported-gpus?field_gpu_type_value=desktop-gpus&page=1 Adaptive synce GPU is not in the list. I assume that the new cards like 10 and 20 series Will work. I searched what adaptive sync is but im just looking for a 1440p fast ms and good and min 120 hz G sync working screen. This week I can not really test evrything because im away from my pc.
  14. Hello there fellow friends. I was wondering what do u guys think is the best Skyrim 4k mod or rtx mod? i was looking on the internet i think the 4k mod is looking much better but i want to see the power of ray tracing because its new and its useless in this time for know can i run 4k and rtx mod at the same time? yesterday i was looking for Star wars BF II Mod i found this but noting is happening if i place it in the mod map. https://www.moddb.com/mods/hd-graphics-mod/images/graphics-mod-is-on-the-top-5-popular-mods#imagebox when i just started with modding i had a couple of 120/30/50 ish Skyrim mods when, i started the game it crasht was takes me years to solve this any tips for in the future?
  15. i know the difrent of free sync amd and g sync nvidia. but some free sync monitors u can use 2 and MSI was claiming on there website you can run it