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  1. Omikor

    Unidentified Network - Ethernet

    Listen, I've tried everything, I'm telling you, someone really hates me up there...
  2. Omikor

    Unidentified Network - Ethernet

    I have no idea... But in addition, the light indicator on the pci card is green (good).
  3. Omikor

    Unidentified Network - Ethernet

    Yeah. I have another device connected to the same router ( I have a few Ethernet ports around the house) and it works just fine.
  4. So.... a few weeks ago my network suddenly didn't work. It was written Unidentified Network - No Internet connection. I've tried everything but it didn't work, so I bought a network pci card in order to fix the problem, and it did. BUT a few weeks later my ssd died and I bought a new one. Reinstalled Windows, and guess what, both the MB port and the network card don't work. Sometimes the MB port is working for a few hours and then disconnecting again. *Windows troubleshooter says: "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration. WHAT TO DO???
  5. Omikor

    My ssd suddenly died...

    Thank you very much for the replies! Damn, I love this community...
  6. Omikor

    My ssd suddenly died...

    So I turned up my computer yesturday and it just booted into the BIOS. my SSD (Corsair Force LE 240, my windows boot drive) wasn't detected. I tried all the options: replacing the sata cables, changing the sata ports and I tried the "power cycling" method , but it didn't fix the problem. So I gave up and bought a new ssd. My question is: Can SSDs suddeny die? What is the cause of this sudden death? And can I save it? *When the sata data cable is connected to the motherboard it takes a lot of time to get to the BIOS, and sometimes it boots to a black screen