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  1. Morshiasse

    Searching for a new headset

    I looked at your suggestions, and the hyperx brand really looks nice, now i hesitate between the 1,2 or alpha and i can't decide ...
  2. Morshiasse

    Searching for a new headset

    Hi, my logitech g930 just broke and i'm searching for a new headset to replace it. My budget would be ~120~but i'm willing to push to 150€ if you can find me something really good. Some have suggested the Dt770 with a little sound card like the asus xonar dgx, but i'm worried about two things : First, there is no mic and a modmic is pretty expensive and with my g930 i've been used to the surround feel. I could live without it in most situations but watching movies with it was really nice ( they're 5.1 ), so is the dolby surround feel created by the sound card good? I've also seen the internet praise the hyperx cloud, that i could couple with the same sound card to have the 5.1 feel for movies, its audio quality seems to be a little less good but at least it has a removable mic. So yeah i'm really lost and the audio world is pretty hard to understand... if you have suggestions don't hesitate. Thanks ! ( and sorry for the bad english )
  3. Hello, I'm currently looking for a ~100€ hard drive mainly for storage purposes. I currently have a seagate barracuda 1tb and i recently discovered an issue about its APM feature which decreases its lifetime (After 4 years of use Crystal Disk Info tells me it only has 14% left of life, so i use this soft to diable APM now ), so i don't know if i should go for a classic barracuda 3tb or a pricier WD Red that i won't use in a NAS anyway ... So is APM that bad ? What HDD should i go for ? Thanks