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  1. Thanks everyone. Im actually based in Croatia . And since im going to a college that doesnt require much computer work i think ill go for a desktop sijce its a better long term solution. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, im enrolling into college soon so im in the market for a new desktop . My budget is 600$ and main purpose is a bit of music recording and general school stuff. Im wondering what kind of cpus are best to look for in this price range.Im also going for a desktop not a laptop vause i heard it a better bang for yo buck.Thanks
  3. Im lookjng into buying a travel camera Im 18 and have a few trips planned. I live in Croatia so prices are usually higher here. Im thinking of buying a Canon g9x mark II Im working 2 months here and that camera is around 35% of my full 2month earnings. Do you think its a good camera for a begginer that will satisfy for a couple years? Thanks on advance
  4. https://www.project-audio.com/en/product/phono-box-mm/ Phono Box https://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/amplifiers/pro-ject-phono-box-ii-478340/review Phono Box II I found them used near me. Price is almost the same so im wandering is the II better
  5. If i plug my preamp into the aux port on my amp. Does that mean i cant plug my aux to phone somewhere on the amp
  6. Is there any difference between the pro ject phono box and phono box II. Buying a phono preamp
  7. I have a bluetooth speaker and the battery is dead. Its 12V and 4Ah. Can i replace it with a 12V 7Ah motorbike battery since i live in a place where its hard to find batterys
  8. SlavTechNoob


    Onkyo tx 8020 has 50w 8ohm per chanel. I have a pair of speakers that are max 80w on 6ohm ,are they compatible?
  9. Thoughts on the Onkyo TX 8020 reciever for a turntable system. Have a pair of marantz bookshelf speakers and a vintahe Dual turntable with the At95e stylus
  10. So i took a photo in messenger and colored over a persons face in the app before sending the picture. Could someone see the unedited picture if they tried to?
  11. Have an old technics reciever. Works great on Fm, when i switch to aux one chanell goes silent and cracks when changing volume, i switch to phono and no sound is reproduced only a little when volume is all the way up. What could be the problem?
  12. Got an old reciever.Technics SA300 Selector On fm, all perfect. Switch to aux, one chanell dies. Swith to phono,barely any sound with volume all the way up. Please help im going mad
  13. Thank you so much, you really helped me. Merry Christmas
  14. Should i just add the 8gb stick and overclock the 4gb stick then, sorry if im boring. I got it as a present