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  1. If someone can give me a general rule ? Like every ... months replace ... That would be great please :)) (I'm addicted shit..)
  2. what is the tool you use to mesure the speed of your components ?
  3. Hey guys, as pc enthusiasts, I was wondering how often do you upgrade your build/replace your pc? By upgrade I mean: Changing one pc components no matter what it is by a better one(Not adding a new component) Just a quick question because I was wondering
  4. Yeah I get the idea, I will check on sales but might not be an urgent buy
  5. Alright I appreciate your answers ! Have a good one
  6. Alright sounds cool, but its expensive, like really. Worth or not worth if I may ask you ?
  7. Short question : is it dangerous to buy cablemod custom cables to replace the current cables from my psu ? (I have a modular psu - Corsair rm650x)
  8. Thank you so much I will try this ! Hope it works
  9. Thank you for the answer, another question that I have is how to connect 4 rgb fans in one rgb header and how to control the color of the fans afterwards
  10. unfortunately, it doesn't come with the controller, so my question now is how do I connect the rgb cables of the fans in my only rgb header (rgb splitter?) And how do I control the color of it
  11. My MOBO is the gigabyte b450m ds3h and i'm confused on how to plug the rgb cables of the fans
  12. Hi guys, I would like to know how can I have rgb on my fans ? I have 3 deepcool rf120 fans connected to a fan hub connected to a fan header on my MOBO (gigabyte b450m ds3h). However, I do not know how to have the rgb on the fans. Questions : Is the led_cpu on my MOBO a 12 v 4 pin rgb header ? How can I control the speed and the color of the fans if there is no controller included ? Thank you link of the fans : https://www.amazon.com/-/fr/gp/product/B07HN199YJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  13. Alright thank you! I know now how to setup my rgb fans execpt one question. Is the led_cpu header on my MOBO a rgb header ?
  14. Thank you so much with that answer, I guess daisychain is using a rgb splitter right ?