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  1. PC is on the ground and the vent for my central air is ~7-8 feet away from my PC. I doubt there are any issues with condensation as that only occurs when hotter air comes into contact with a colder surface. Anything I should be concerned about? Normal temps during the summer when idle is 36-38c and when the air con has been on for a long time it's 30-32c
  2. Thanks for the help and fast response!
  3. Oh, is that also why task manager shows high cpu usage right when you open it but instantly drops down?
  4. Lately whenever I open up HWMonitor it shows a higher temperature at first (ex:44c) then quickly drops to a lower temp (ex: 30c) in the span of like 3 seconds and stays stable there. If I close and re-open it, it still shows the low temp, but if I open it like 10-15 mins later it shows a higher temp at first then quickly drops in the span of like 3 seconds again to the lower temp and stays stable. (just mostly idle browsing the internet, nothing that uses the cpu much in between). Is that normal for HWMonitor and I just never really paid attn to it before?
  5. Went to eat and came back to my pc, wiggled the mouse to wake the monitor up and the colors were a bit off, a slight pink/purpleish tint. Checked my color settings and everything was normal/default. Turned the monitor off and on and everything is back to normal now. Any idea what it could have been?
  6. Just saw some conflicting info on having it have to spin up more often reducing the life of them.
  7. Windows defaults it to sleep after 20 minutes. Should you set it to a longer time or even never to prevent it from spinning up so often?
  8. https://youtu.be/8mHEk5L-P8M https://youtu.be/vT8iA2TyWks yeah it's very similar to the little beep before the whirr in these
  9. Is the little beep right before the whirr of the spin up normal? These are similar to what mine is making after accessing them after not using it for about 2-3hrs (most of the files/progs i use are on my SSDs)
  10. Might be it, it doesn't sound like a normal PC beep. I've heard my mobo beep before on boot after I'd first built it before I troubleshooted that, and it sounds completely diff. I've also ran crystal disk info and seatools and they all came back as good for the drive.
  11. It's a pretty quiet, single short beep. Pretty low pitched? Sometimes a beep then a short whirring noise, sometimes just the beep, sometimes just the whirr. Not quite sure where the beep is coming from though. Have pretty much isolated it to when I run HWMonitor after hitting yes to allow it to make changes. Only happens sometimes, I'm pretty sure it only happens after I haven't opened it for a 2-3+ hours or so. It's on a newly purchased hard drive and is one of the 2-3 programs I have on it as I have everything else on my SSDs. It's also the only program that I've really been using on it, all the rest are just random files that I haven't used in weeks. When the beep happens there are no errors or criticals in event viewer, and nothing negative happening performance-wise. Should also note that temps are more than fine. HDD:Seagate BarraCuda Internal Hard Drive 2TB SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch (ST2000DM006) Processor: ryzen 2600 Mobo: B450 Tomahawk PSU:EVGA Supernova 650 G2, 80+ Gold 650W
  12. Is it safe to attach magnetic pc case fan filters to the outside of your case? I know that's what they're made for but was under the impression that magnets are a no-no around pc hardware. Is that just an incorrect assumption? Looking to use them for the back top case fan connected to the mobo and underside of the case for the psu fan.
  13. Loosening up the mobo and sliding it down ever so slightly gave me the bit I needed for it to line up, thanks for your help!