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  1. I wanna get this out of the way first, I know my cousin is better off with a whole new computer but he wants to keep 300-500 dollars just in case he wants something else. Here is what we are thinking on upgrading from CPU: Amd FX 6300 to a FX 9590 GPU: 1050 Ti to a 1660S RAM: 8GB DDR3 (I think) and just add another stick to make 16GB Will this bottleneck? His CPU temps are 55 avg but we are unsure of what the usages were. I will update this thread as soon as I get more info.
  2. So my computer is fine after a simple restart but is there anything I have to worry about? What happened was I was playing a game on roblox called Robeats which is kind of like osu mania I exited the game and then i exited the oculus app. My screen went blank and my Corsair peripherals lighting effects started to go at something like 1 FPS probably not what you call it but after I force restarted it was fine. I am going to update my drivers right now here is some parts of my setup if it helps. Monitor: msi Optix AG32C (Plugged into the gpu Graphics card: Evga GeForce gtx 1070
  3. Im not having problems yet but i want to remove it if it could cause problems and i dont know if it will since i dont boot to grub straight away i want to know if it can cause problems still. to dual boot i have to press f11 on startup and select wubi then i enter grub, after rebooting i just go straight to windows
  4. So i have heard dual booting could cause some problems in the future. I wanted to delete it but i don't know if the dual boot will cause problems because i still like linux. On tutorials on how to remove dual boot i am dual booting with Wubi i noticed something weird. Everyone else goes to grub first but i go straight to Windows. I like dual booting with Linux but if i go straight to windows will i still encounter problems?
  5. So I just got a new gaming pc with Team T-Force Delta RGB 16GB(2x8GB) DDR4 2666 CL15 RAM and they are fine on startup they have normal rainbow then when I get into windows it has red stripes going down and it repeats that when I try putting on effects on the msi gaming app it flickers super fast with those red stripes going down repeatedly normally rainbow effect gets rid of the red stripes but the rainbow flickers super fast too CPU:amd ryzen 1600 overclocked to 3.85ghz 6C GPU:evga GeForce gtx 1070 RAM:Team T-Force Delta RGB 16GB(2x8GB) DDR4 2666 CL15
  6. I am not sure because like i said it dosent hit 100% like not usally
  7. So a few days ago i was playing Rainbow Six Siege and i got bsod I dident read the code or whatever for some reason and i just continued on. But then when i started playing again i noticed 100% usage in my cpu so now i knew my cpu overheated normally this never hits 100% I will list a chart Rainbow Six Siege- 50-60 Usage Fortnite-45-55 Usage Roblox-15-30 Usage Also My Specs are GTX 1050 Ti Intel Xeon W3540 2.93Ghz 4 cores
  8. so this is just a quick question i have no idea if every ethernet will work with the same plugin because im moving and i will get a 25mbps speed and i wanna keep up to it
  9. So when I boot my pc I get these errors (the errors are ok I have it figured out) with my Corsair mechanical k70 I press f1 and it doesn’t work but then I plug my Logitech k120 keyboard and it works I also went into the bios and found lots of keyboard error logs so I don’t know how to fix this please help
  10. When i boot up my dell precision t3500 i get an error Alert Front fan controllability or something like that cannot work Alert Front Fan failure Alert Front Fan cage failure but i pressed F1 which said continue and i checked my fans and they are both running
  11. 600 dollars but i am trying to get used for about 300 dollars
  12. ok i am using my cpu to play fallout 76 with a 1060 3gb and i live in canada
  13. is it possible to take a few things i already have and put in a new case ?
  14. ok i have 12 gb of ddr3 ram and what motherboard would i need ?
  15. I am looking to upgrade the cpu in my dell precision t3500 would a Ryzen R7 1700 work in it i know alot about computers so try and make it as least complicated to me as possible