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  1. x5690 is only around 3% faster than x5675 so https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Xeon-X5690-vs-Intel-Xeon-W3690/m16752vsm9677 my suggestion is u really don't need to go for w3690 from x5675.
  2. I am running x5675 with 980ti & there is no sign of bottleneck so u will be fine too.
  3. I have had this problem too with 1060 3GB but this grainy thing was very minimum on my friend's pc with 2060.
  4. Hi, I heard in a video a while ago that to run memory in dual channel configuration we need a special kit which is specifically programmed to work with each other like hyper furry x etc. Few days ago I red Qoura & some reddit posts where argument was that you can run two different brands & speeds memory in dual channel configuration but that might cause system instability & crashes. Now I have installed 2 memory modules one is corsair ddr3 4GB 1600mhz & other is some unknown 1GB 1067mhz then I checked cpuz & in memory tab it said dual channel. so my question is if I install two different brands 8GB modules with same speed 1600mhz (not considering timing) & if system stable as well & cpuz says dual channel so am I really running in dual channel configuration? & if I am then is it as good as kit(same speeds & same timings)? I mean the whole concept is to use 2 64bit wide bus parallel.